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Full Version: Toyota Landcruiser
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In the mid 70s there was a bit of a war going on. Nissan (then called Datsun) was competeing with Toyota in the American market. They knew that the people were shifting over from their muscle cars and large family cars into the smaller Japanese cars. They were moving in to carve up the carcass but there was a question, what parts should they take?

They each had a sports car and they each had a utility vehicle they wished to sell here. It was the Datsun Z car vs the Toyota 2000GT and the Datsun Patrol vs the Toyota Landcruiser. They made a deal that one of them would sell the sports car and the other would sell the Utility vehicle. Guess which combination we got wink.gif

These cars are near indestructible and I've seen them climb verticle cliffs without a winch. They have a proper straight axle setup which is amazing for off roading and they have as much aftermarket as the Jeep Wrangler. They came with straight 6 motors with a stump pulling 210 ft-lbs of torque at 1800 RPM (remember this was the 70s). The car sold all the way up to 1983 until it was replaced by a newer model, but does this make it cool?
Canada Cold... (but also Sahara hot, after all this vehicle can go anywhere) A true original that changed the world.
All japanese cars from the 70s are cool.
I was gonna do cool but then I saw the 2nd picture from top. Holy shit.
This thing is awesome . It can go anywhere . Just ask any south-american drug runner . Voting uber cool .
Canada Cold!!

One of my favourite trucks of all time!

Good luck finding one on the used car market though. Most owners refuse to sell.
They are also rock-solid reliable.
Ultra-Cooolness! Like the Land Rover Defender, it's a workhorse which countries are built on! biggrin.gif
Who can say Antartica cold? I just love this truck.
move it to frozen already !! this is definition of coolness.
The Milky Man
Canada Cool!!
Who the hell needs jeep, these things are amazing.
Meh, Jeep/heep... I'd take the Landcruiser anyday thumbs_up.gif
fiber optic
Wow a Toyota worth owning. biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Mellender17 @ Feb 2 2005, 01:11 PM)
Ultra-Cooolness! Like the Land Rover Defender, it's a workhorse which countries are built on! biggrin.gif


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