Hi AGAIN, guys!
Just 5 years i was here for the last time, with this post, aaand here comes the second one!
I`m really sorry about gap that big, but you know, job should be done, bears should be fed, so...
Also, i really drifted away from car photography to general commercial, so i just haven`t got enough time to do some shots for my own pleasure.
Anyway, i hope you`d like this few shots and consider it as the part two.

And as a bonus track - natural rigshot of the lorry. It`s real, it`s still alive and it`s the same rig I used 5 years ago.

There`s not much, i admit. But as I said, many other things should be done. You can join me on 500px or instagram @artemyusipov if you`d like to check out what devours my time.

Many thanks guys! See ya in the next 5 years! smile.gif