This restoration of PONTIAC FIREBIRD FORMULA 400 was done by RIXCAR, a old-school vehicle painting and restoration workshop located in Riga, Latvia. Company has eight year experience in car restoration,
Within the restoration process we use the highest quality environmentally friendly materials to ensure excellent results. The workshop is equipped with modern technologies which allows us to carry out custom projects of any difficulty.

This is how this old-school car looked like when the car arrived to Rixcar workshop

At the beginning of restoration process Old paint was taken off to a bare metal to ensure the best adhesion for the new materials. Also, the actual condition of the body as well as the severity of rust damage can only be determined after removal of the old paint.

All the damaged and hard-to-reach areas were sandblasted.

Some places had a really severe rust damage. Both rocker panels were rotten, there were rust holes on both rear corners near the taillight mounts as well as on the windshield sill.

We cut out all the rusted parts and welded all places where it was necessary, most of the replacement parts were made by hand. All the inside cavities were sandblasted and epoxy-primed.

The fiberglass good and rear spoiler also needed some adjustments.

After the welding process the car is being prepared for painting.

We painted Formula in a very eye catching golden color. This paint contains a huge amount of golden pearls ensuring a very pleasant shine in a sunny weather. After all the parts were painted, they were polished and the car was assembled.

There were some technical maintenance works that had to be done before returning the car to the client.

And here is the final product. The Pontiac Firebird Formula is ready to see the sunlight

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