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Full Version: Turbo 94 Cobra
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I took some pix of my friends car today after finding him @ the local Dyno...

more info..

Stock 5.0 block, stroked to 331
* Edelbrock Victor Jr. Heads (unported).
* Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake (unported).
* FMS F303 Cam.
* Vortec Mondo Ingloo carb enclosure.
* HP custom water/water intercooler.
* Fast sequential engine management system.
* Tremec TKO Transmission (soon to be replaced with a G-Force).
* Spec Stage III Clutch.
* UPR Tubular K-member.
* UPR Tubular Control Arms.
* Maximum Motorsports roll cage.
* Granatelli double adjustable upper and lower control arms.
* 28 x 10.5 x 15 Slicks.

The car was put on the dyno and made 823 rwhp and 820 rwtq @ 13# boost. 
this isnt a car sighting... this should be in user rides or somthing...
even though i randomly ran into him? the car is a legend around my town so i knew the info about the car.
yeah... a sighting is like driving/walking down the street and OH SHIT! LOOK AT THAT CAR! Not going to a race track... because there will obviously be cool cars there. Its like going to a car show and saying it was a sighting.
Its fine where it is.
if you say so
Maybe someone can correct me on this but isn't a stock 5.0 block just begging to be split in half?
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