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Full Version: 01/07 NYC Sightings..
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Rebirth of Xar
Hey Guys/Gals today was a nice day so I decided to go out and look for cars.. There was quite a good yield! I spotted the two tone Phantom from Ontario again and this time I got an awesome shot of it driving down 5th Avenue...

Here is a nice 993 Targa..

Here is a beautiful Cayanne Turbo going down 5th Ave.

Heres an older Targa..

Heres a Blinging H2 Driving down Times Square..

Heres a nice S4..


New Audi..A6(?) Driving down 5th Avenue..

Heres a Modified S Class Personal Limo Driving down 5th Ave.

Heres a S600 Getting Floored on the Upper West side..

Heres an M5 Going down 5th Ave.

Heres an older 7 Series looking astonishing while driving down 5th Ave.

Heres a Maybach that slipped by but i didnt feel like running to catch up to..

Here are a few S55s, one near Fao Shwartz/The Plaze Hotel, the other in Times Square...

Heres a C32

I spotted an old 356 that Ive seen in the past an decided to take pics of the rack thats on the back of it..

An older Lexus LS Driving in the Downtown area..

Heres a Lorinser Equiped G Wagon on 5th Ave..

Here are a few New Pictures I was able to snap up of the two tone Phantom that I had seen in the past..

Last but not least.. a Brand Spanking New Arnage..

btw Low Res Preview.. High Res Content.. Pics are all 1600x+++
C&C welcome.. Enjoy the Pics!
Yay, 993 Targa. I feel all happy when I see one.

And that audi at the bottom is an A6.
You gotta love the 993. Everybody likes a targa.
i wanna find this phantom guy.
i bet he lives in Mono.
Rebirth of Xar
QUOTE(Benny @ Jan 8 2005, 12:42 PM)
i wanna find this phantom guy.
i bet he lives in Mono.

hes def staying at the hotel where the phantom is parked so if you are in the nyc area youll see it at 55st and 5th ave..
Rebirth of Xar
Here is the rest of the pics that i took that needed some contrast adjustment.. Enjoy!

Good sightings, great photos.
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