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Full Version: First generation Mazda RX-7
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the first sucessful rotary powerd car...a mid engine car (technically its engine was behind the fron axle) which went around corners well, and was ok to be seen in. when ppl ask how many pistons it has to have to say "well 2....sort of" and then try explaining the concepts of rotors and elipses to some guy with a Golf...but the exclusivity and technology make it cool

Images added by Dakian.
Frozen! The looks, the engine, the sound, the history, the speed.

The fact that you have an engine 90% of the people don't understand, that's cool!
How about some pics, eh?

And btw, I have a Golf and I could probably explain the concept of a rotary ten times better than you could wink.gif
maybe you do know them better...maybe you dont...
heres a pic

What's up with those plaid seats? Hehe.
Wow, that car is incredibly ugly - I'd hate to be seen in one of them - Seriously uncool.
what do you drive overheat?
I don't have a car - for the time being I just perve at them.
This thread is doing grave injustice to an amazing car! angst.gif

For starters, here is a stock first generation RX-7:

The first production models of the RX-7 weighed in at around 1065kg, had a twin rotor 105bhp rotary engine and had nearly perfect 50\50 weight distribution. It's definetly my favourite of the late 70s and early 80s Japanese sportscars, and because of how revoluationary it was, I vote for frozen. cool.gif thumbs_up.gif

but those that go converted with V8's in it are so uncool! thumbs_down.gif
QUOTE(Overheat @ Dec 27 2004, 05:46 PM)
Wow, that car is incredibly ugly - I'd hate to be seen in one of them - Seriously uncool.

I'll ban you for 1 week, just NOW! angry.gif
Hay guys guess what I voted! biggrin.gif
There's actually a buncha 1st and 2nd gen RX-7's around me and a guy owns a red FD near me. But he improperly lowered it, it's red(with that body style... ugh), and has massive 18" rims on it which is practically rubbing against the fenders plus a massive dual-barreled vacuum-cleaner style exhaust practically scraping against the asphalt. But it's manual... so hey... there's a bit o' respect.
Black RSX
Cool car.... Started a lot....

But not Frozen..
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Dec 27 2004, 09:40 PM)
Hay guys guess what I voted! biggrin.gif

Er frozen? Well I did! I prefer the last generation model though, that's my favourite.
QUOTE(Renesis @ Dec 28 2004, 04:49 AM)
I'll ban you for 1 week, just NOW! angry.gif

Hell, I'm standing by my opinion, just not my type of car, I guess.
doesent your car type have 8 wheels and a driver?
as much as i love hating the wankel i must say this is a super cool car.
Cool in terms of what it created but I prefer the latest RX-7
It was the beginning of a very beautiful thing and for that, it definately gets a frozen vote.
How bout pics and specs with every car put on here. I mean, I dont want to have to think when I come into these threads.
ok forrest

Mazda RX-7 12A FB
1.112L twin Rotor alloy engine mounted behind the front axle
5 speed, close ratio manual transmision
0-100 kmh in ~9.0 seconds
Top speed of around 200kmh

seats 2 (in most north americam models)

and it is one of the best handling cars i have ever driven...I have always owned an RX-7...and maintain it is one of the best cars on the road regardless of price
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