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Full Version: 2004 Maserati GranSport
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i passed a bright red one of these(or a maserati that looked almost exactly like that) on i-95 coming from the cape

It's one of my all-time favorite cars. Frozen, indeed.
I don't like the standard Maserati coupé's a bit marshmallowy, a bit snooty, and sorta flies in the face of all previous Maserati-ness.

This, though, is cool.
I voted Cool. The sideskirt is sooo fugly, if it had another one i prob. voted frozen.
Frozen. Sooo beautiful cool.gif
Looks like a Volvo from behind. And since it's not, UNCOOL!
I'm not really sure about this car... It ends up in the nowhere in between sport and comfort... It's surely not as sporty as a Porsche 997 Carrera S and nor as comfortable as a Jaguar XKR. The "bambino-Ferrari" image is also pulling it down a bit.

It's beautifull, yes... But beauty has nothing to do with coolness, it can be cool to drive an ugly car. Well it ends up being uncool after all, because its got a F1 paddle shift gearbox. Those are only for posers who likes to brag about it "Look i've got one of them gearboxes like Michael Schumacher" Real drivers will prefer a manual or a proper racing-breed sequential... And that blue interior doesent suit it at all.
Black RSX
I see these cars EVERY day on my way to work as I pass the Maserati Dealer... also a lot of owners around.

I think they are ugly... boring... and Uncool...

For that $$ I would pick almost every other car...
Masers are cool! It has the Italian flair to it for an almost reasonable price!
Frozen. I Love this car!
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