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Full Version: Ford FPV Typhoon
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umop apisdn
Thank you Ford AU/FPV for keeping the enthusiasts at the front with the F6 Typhoon.


Powered by the F6 270 Turbo engine with 270kW (362hp) of power at 5250rpm and 550Nm (Approx. 484ft/lbs if my math is correct) of torque between 2000-4000rpm.

Tremec T56 close-ratio six-speed manual transmission

Sports 18x8 alloy wheels with polished double spokes and black shadow rims with 235/40 ZR18 Dunlop SP9000 tires. Behind the wheels are FPV performance brakes with twin-grooved 325mm ventilated front and 303mm solid rear discs with blue twin-piston front and single-piston rear calipers. FPV's premium Brembo brakes, with cross-drilled and ventilated 355mm front and 330mm rear rotors and four-piston red calipers, are optional.

The goods-

Sweet car, just wish we got it in the US. sad.gif
drool3.gif ... i mean how can it be anything less than sub zero .
oh my freeeking god!!! i love the design!!

fucken sub-zero!!
Fucking sick. I only give it a Cold because they wont bring it here.
Ford + turbo == t3h uber cool
We :heart: the Falcon XR6 for good reason.

Black RSX
Fuck Ford... why do they not bring these over here!!! angry.gif

Cool.... almost Frozen..
See us Australians can do something..

Look how you guys are praising the Vauxhall and Pontiac!

I've seen pictures of the first Ford F6 Typhoon here in Western Australia, its No. 18 off the production line!

My mates got the Ford TE-50 AUIII which is a rocket, apart from looking fugly!

THose F6's.. I'd get one of those if I had enough money.. None of those other cars...

Also this is past DB9 section if you were to place it on the Top Gear cool wall... wink.gif
I love this car simple as that.
Sub zero all the way .
Is it me, or does the back half of the car look exactly like a GTO?
drool3.gif Those rims...
Definately cool... But it would be Sub Zero if Ford offered it here in Europe...
Yuk! A dull and uninspiring Ford, Uncool in my books.
SUB-ZERO for sure!
QUOTE(Overheat @ Dec 23 2004, 08:57 PM)
Yuk! A dull and uninspiring Ford, Uncool in my books.

Dull? Uninspiring?

I'm glad no one else here agrees with you.
Shit hot! High res anyone?
its an ice age!! its definatly frozen tongue.gif
Frozen! drool3.gif
Horse shit, that's a Ford? Daaaaaaaaamn. Sub-Zero!
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