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Full Version: Porsche 928 S
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Engine: V-eight cylinder engine, water cooled, one upper camshaft per cylinder series
Powertrain Layout: Front Engine / RWD
Power: 300 HP (221 kW) at 5900/min
Capacity: 4664 ccm
Curb Weight: 3365 lbs
Transmission: five speed gearbox
Top speed: 250 km/h
0-60 mph: 7.0 seconds
Middle picture is a 928 S4.

I've always loved the 928. smile.gif
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Dec 19 2004, 07:18 PM)
Middle picture is a 928 S4.

I've always loved the 928. smile.gif

bah, Porsche makes this difficult for me...

The 928 in my opinion is one of those cars that is ugly in a positive way.
There was never a car like the 928 before, and there never will be one like it again.

Why you chose the S I may never know (middle-of-the-road model I guess?) but, whatever, even in original 4.5 trim it's very cool. GTS is definitely frozen.

Subzero overall.
its a cool car and very unique
Uncool, most disappointing car I have ever driven.
Black RSX
For what it is.... I think it is cool... thumbs_up.gif
umop apisdn
Meh. I'd much rather have a 944 Turbo S.

Lukewarm she be (the 928.)
engine in the wrong place for a porsche thumbs_down.gif
MJ uncool! PUKE!

Ugliest Porsche EVAR!!!!!!!!
i dont like the design of it and it just grosses me out everytime i see it on the road

thus, mj uncool
I've always loved those.
The 928S is one of the only front engine Porsche's I don't despise. If I could afford to keep one up I'd buy one in an instant.
Mr b00st
i'd rather have a 944 Turbo as well, but these cars are pretty sweet.

i vote Cool. if it were an S4 or a GTS, i'd vote ubercool.
A friend fo mine has one...well his dad does, and he's had it since it was brand-new. It's his's such a sexy car. Porsche's are ALWAYS cool...until you park next to a Ferrari...
Dr. Strangelove
To the layman, it is just another one of those ugly Porsches that they made in the 1980s. To enthusiasts, it is awesome. All kinds of new technologies thrown into a car that was radically diffrent by a company that doesn't really change a whole lot. Personally I would have the 944 turbo (what model was that again?) but the 928 is subzero. thumbs_up.gif
Guy up the street from me has one sitting in his driveway, I've never seen it move. I like it but the 7 second v8 is dissapointing. Then again it was 20 years ago. Cool vote from me.
Mr b00st
944 Turbo = 951 if i remember correctly?
I gave it a frozen vote. I actually prefer the S' sharper "shark face" to the S4s more rounded front... Of the newer designs I prefer the 928 GTS woth it's slightly flared arches. The 928 S was available from 1980 untill 1987, when the S4 took over. The 928 is what can be called a modern classic, it was a great performer back then offering the near perfect blend of GT-comfort and sporty handling, making the competition look like big sluggish brontosaurus'... The pest part is that the 928 is amazingly good value today, you can pick up a mint condidtion one for less than Ä10'000.

This is what I call timeless lines... :heart:
Make mine a GTS biggrin.gif
Awesome, so many firsts, so much technology, they accomplished with the 928 what Aston Martin failed to do with the Lagonda...A car truly ahead of its time.


even more sfrozen when you consider its contemporaries in 1977.


Aston Martin

BMW 635

Corvette C3

Mercedes SL

the 1977 Porsche 928. It must have looked like a space ship!
@Leif; Wouldn't it be more apropriate to compare the 928 to the XJS, and not the XJ12C? The latter one being a limited low volume special... Also the Vantage was a fair bit faster, allthough not as sophisticated. The Vantage was also a far more limited car and couldn't be compared directly to the 928 either...

But none the less, the 928 was aphenomenal car in it's days... Allthough it would be interesting to see how far the game has moved on, and taken a late model GTS, and compared it to it's modern counterparts... (BMW 650, Jaguar XK8, Merc SL...)

The profile of the original '77 928, now that's such a clean shape. It hasn't really aged either, it's still a clear statement of modernism and forward thinking like old CitroŽns...
I was talking more about European design (and the corvette) not about price point.

and was the XJS released in 1977? I thought it was a car of the 80's?
Personally, I think all of the "contemporaries" you listed, are prettier than the 928.
I'd love to go back to the 80's and drive a 928 GTS
QUOTE(tune @ Nov 1 2006, 06:38 AM) *
I'd love to go back to the 80's and drive a 928 GTS

The GTS was released in the '90s.
I bet you any money he was fooled by 'Scarface'.
QUOTE(350Z @ Nov 1 2006, 11:41 PM) *
I bet you any money he was fooled by 'Scarface'.

Bet me Nairas, I want Nigerian Nairas.
Fine but the odd's are 10-1 against.
QUOTE(350Z @ Nov 1 2006, 08:41 PM) *
I bet you any money he was fooled by 'Scarface'.

No I was thinking about 'The Business'. They have a normal 928 in that though.
You're supposed to have my back dude.
QUOTE(tune @ Nov 2 2006, 02:05 PM) *
Yes, yes I was.

Edited for truth.
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