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Full Version: Ferrari, Maserati, 6 series, New Mustang
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6-series looks stupid with the 19" sport package wheels, but brilliant with the standard 18" rims...I wish people would stop ruining them by checking that box.

And the 360 Spyder should go to hell. Coupe all the way!
hey i saw your maserati too (same model)

i was walking and suddenly i heard this strange noise and i looked and it was a maserati!
the mustang is definitely selling pretty well... i see more and more every day.

I like it much better in person
Nice finds, but I don't really care for 360's...the new 430 I do like a bit more though. Although it is a 360 CS it looks like, so that makes it a bit nicer...
Whay ahs the Maserati got Ferrari on the plate?
QUOTE(tune @ Dec 6 2004, 03:08 PM)
Whay ahs the Maserati got Ferrari on the plate?

Because Ferrari dealers sell Maseratis.
shame you had to look at a 360 and BMW 6, but I agree, the Stang looks great in real life, and Im dying to see a MAser.
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