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Full Version: Toyota SW20 MR-2
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225-245 hp in turbo trim, in non turbo trim 165-190 hp was available. The engine was the 3S series and in turbo trim over 700 horsepower can be seen with proper tuning. Did I meantion the car is mid engined? Its truely one of the greatest cars that Toyota ever produced even though it strayed from the original ideals of the AW11. I think its a beautiful car with the strongest 4 cylinder motor in the world. Or at least up in the the very top. But is it cool?
it ~Would~ be cool if they didnt somehow make it weight almost 3000lbs. It looks great, handles nice and is fast but its too damn heavy and they get riced to hell and back. There are really too many reasons to not like this car, at least most Mk1 drivers don't like em. Personally I've never had the chance to drive one so I try to keep an open mind, then I run across a horribly riced one with some stupid dipshit 16 yearold driving it and I hate them again
Curb weight was only 1250 kgs I though
Yeah. I once made a thread how much I like the second generation of MR2's. They're sexy as hell.
It was a bit fat, but by modern standards it's not heavy at all. It's really just the styling that gets me (or doesn't get me, to be more precise). It's a boring jellybean of a car.

Super Sub zero cool.

Black RSX
Very cool... but not sub zero..

I aways wanted one... Still do!! thumbs_up.gif
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QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Nov 14 2004, 07:22 PM)
It was a bit fat, but by modern standards it's not heavy at all. It's really just the styling that gets me (or doesn't get me, to be more precise). It's a boring jellybean of a car.


Miatas are more jellybean-like
Sure, the first miatas were. The current ones with the exposed headlights ain't, though.
I've always liked the MR2, but its not legendary, so it gets a cool. Like it in the 1st pic with white wheels.

I would love one of these. That last picture is my favorite.
I love this car, It's fast and gorgeous.
Mr b00st
i've always wanted one. And Troy Truglio's car isn't helping that addiction:

Mr b00st
stupid internet...

edit: whytf isn't this working???
Mr b00st
Images cannot be added after the thread has been moved to one of the four sections. Some weird board thing.
Mr b00st
oh, that's retarded huh.gif thumbs_down.gif
not nearly as cool as the Mk1
Now the car used the 3S-GTE engine....4 cylinder turbo, but which car used that engine first? Was it the Celica or the MR2? because both of them used it for their turbo models (I know the Celica used that engine in the late 80's)
Celica was the originator of the 3S-GTE engine and it was used in their rallye cars. The MR-2 came later.
alright i thought so, i looked up the specs on both cars from the same year (1990) and the turbo models have exactly the same engine specs, so each car had identical engines so no modifying was done to one or the other (200hp, 200ft lbs or torque)
Great car for the price (well for the Japanese anyway). They got the car until 1999, and it came with better styling suspension and engine. 245 hp that could easily push 300 with basic bolt ons and a small increase in boost. Oh yeah and that model runs a 13.5 out of the box, off the showroom floor, not to mention that it would outhandle just about anything on the road in the same price range. Kick ass car.
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