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Full Version: Brabus Viano V8
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What a way to introduce mysel to you guys.
I figured you all enjoy a car thats a little bit different from the rest, hence I offer the Brabus Viano V8.
Check out the url:
Brabus Viano V8
Could you imagine the excuses to give your boss if your a plumber to get this van? Maybe to offer service to metropolitan areas in under 30 mins, and the client pays for the speeding fines.....
Useless, but utterly utterly cool.

Aston Martin DB9 cool smile.gif
Amazing van and sleeper! But only cool, because it's not THAT fast...
Does a car need to be fast to be Frozen? Its got the aerodynamics of a barn, they're doing pretty well to shoehorn a huge V8 in there!
Mercedes == hyper uncool
Van == hyper uncool
V8 == Mildly cool

2 hypers + 1 mild == uncool.
QUOTE(Tristram @ Nov 12 2004, 04:20 PM)
Does a car need to be fast to be Frozen? Its got the aerodynamics of a barn, they're doing pretty well to shoehorn a huge V8 in there!, but it's nothing special. Lots of vans are faster then this.

And dakian pointed out some good arguements that i forgot, so now it's just between "Cool" and "Uncool".
Cool. I wouldn't buy it ever however.
IT'S A VANIO! Uncool.
I voted cool. Just for the sheer madness of it. thumbs_up.gif

Power: 426 hp / 313 kW, 621 Nm
Acceleration: 0 – 100 km/h in 6.2 sec.
Max Speed: 245 km/h

Check out these pics so you don't have to endure the pop-up ads from the original link provided:
sorry but that thing is ugly as sin.
White RSX

ok ok ok, I know its a Viano, but I think the reason why don't mind it is 'cos we're not plagued by them over here. Just Mitsubushi & ford vans.

It's not as cool as the F1 Van that renault(?) did back in the 90's tho!
It's a fucking van. And what are associated with vans in the UK? White van men.
Doesn't the back look like a volvo?
It's nice for a van...I just voted cool, only because it's a Mercedes and they have amazing engineering, so i'm sure it's a good van compared to most out there..
Vans aren't that cool, but this has a V8 in it so I'll give it a cool.
Mr b00st
umm, exactly what van is faster than this?

production van, not that V10 Renault thing.
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