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Full Version: 2005 Toyota Tacoma
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Having ridden in and driven a '99 tacoma, i really came to like that truck. Now that the 2005 is out, i have an attraction to it - it seems like a real rugged package with some good power and a handsome body. if i were to pick up a midsize pick-up, itd probbly be a 2005 tacoma. what do you guys think?

"Toyota has introduced an all-new Tacoma for 2005. It's new from the ground up and it's a winner. The 2005 Toyota Tacoma improves on all the attributes its loyal owners have cherished in past models, while increasing interior roominess and refinement.

Nearly the entire class of compact pickups is new. Nissan, Dodge, Chevrolet and GMC all have new models, redesigned from the ground up. (Only the aging Ford Ranger remains from the old school, competing almost entirely on price.) This newest generation of trucks is no longer compact, and many manufacturers now consider them midsize.

Their increased size brings roomier cabs, improved ride quality and increased stability. But manufacturers have gone well beyond that. More power and increased refinement are now part of the picture as well. All of them are available in the increasingly popular crew cab configuration, and their larger size makes this a more compelling choice; the newest crew cab models are practical alternatives to a sedan, something that wasn't really true with the previous generation of compact pickups. These trucks still offer more maneuverability than a full-size pickup, while providing serious hauling and towing utility.

With so many good trucks available, this is a fine time to be shopping for a compact pickup. And the Tacoma may be the best of them, with its comfortable cab, excellent handling, and rugged off-road capability. The Tacoma also enjoys Toyota's reputation for quality, durability and reliability. Properly equipped V6 models are rated to tow up to 6,500 pounds.

The 2005 Toyota Tacoma comes in a wide range of models and body styles, ranging from a $14,000 work truck to a 4x4 Double Cab that tops $30,000. The TRD PreRunner models may make you feel like Ivan "Ironman" Stewart getting ready to win another Baja 500, while the sporty X-Runner may make you feel like Rod Millen preparing to blast up the Pike's Peak Hillclimb. "

164-hp 2.7-liter dohc 16-valve inline-4 VVT-i;
245-hp 4.0-liter dohc 24v V6 VVT-i
Mr b00st
I REALLY like it... i drove an old 3.4 tacoma stick shift and loved it; i'd have to imagine this would be even awesomer.

my one problem was this: i loved how loud and raucous the old tacoma with the 3.4 twin cam was- it was an audible engine, it was cool. I've gotten a ride in a new 4Runner with the same V6 and you can hardly hear it. I hope that's not the case on this truck.
I guess in it's class it's a nice truck. Inside it's nice. But a truck owner should care less about the interior.

I guess it's just competing with the Dakota more so, and I don't really like this class of truck. And I really don't llike the looks of this truck.

Pickup trucks ain't cool. Uncool.
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Nov 8 2004, 05:45 PM)
Pickup trucks ain't cool. Uncool.

wow, what a broad statement.
Yeah, pretty much, I stand by it.

Not to say there are no GOOD trucks. I just don't think trucks are at all cool, even big and/or powerful and/or fast trucks. They just ain't cool in my book.
Clark, its "Pick-em-up trucks ain't cool" LoL
Trucks ARE cool.

this one is ok, but I'll keep the ranger, thanks wink.gif

Not bad, better than most - gets a cool from me.
While better looking than most, I agree with Clark, trucks ain't cool. I give it an uncool.
i am getting allergic to trucks now tard.gif
Mr b00st
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Nov 8 2004, 04:45 PM)
Pickup trucks ain't cool. Uncool.


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