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Full Version: I got promoted!
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I used to be a douchebag, now I'm an asshole cool.gif

DakianDelomast: you're an asshole BTW
DakianDelomast: i got your GD cold tongue.gif
An k Y G u P Ta: lol
An k Y G u P Ta: aha
An k Y G u P Ta: haha
DakianDelomast: ASSHOLE
An k Y G u P Ta: brown men WILL prevail one way or another
An k Y G u P Ta: I've been saying it all along
An k Y G u P Ta: now you'll believe me
An k Y G u P Ta: tongue.gif

Let me say it once more, brown men WILL prevail DS_Naughty2.gif

canadian.gif canadian.gif canadian.gif
An k Y G u P Ta: so, it sucks being sick, doesn't it?
An k Y G u P Ta: now wait till your throat feels it
An k Y G u P Ta: that's horrible
DakianDelomast: my throat does feel it

yes, i'm bored
from team america, there are three kinds of people in the world wink.gif
BROWN POWER !!! thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Nov 4 2004, 07:48 PM)
BROWN POWER !!! thumbs_up.gif

Brown 4 Life woot.gif

laugh.gif DS_Naughty2.gif biggrin.gif canadian.gif <--- I love these smilies
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