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Full Version: Supras are gay.
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Because you'll do nothing but burn all your money every week on them!
I saw my friends completed car a few days ago;

Then I translated a poem from Japanese for someone with my pc, which I then edited to sound good;
We're in the van of the new era army corps
and have a new policy of extremeness
always aim a gun at NO.1 speed and perfection
if you have a passion for speed, we've got the power and styling you need
creating the ultimate performance upgrades is our aim
welcome to sensory overload, that's the name of the game
this led to an idea;

Before I called ABFlug and Top Secret Japan;

Then I decided I needed to indulge myself;

Of course if you're gonna go down give them hell;

and so I stand;

Waiting for Maximum Attack Pow4r!
huh.gif huh.gif huh.gif
White RSX
You're not...

You can't be...

Ab-Flug S900 Supra?!
Gahahah I love it
Watch my warship highway battlah
with them that strive with me
fight against them that fight against I
take out thy shield and buckle
and stand up with thy hell
My car is gonna be hot, I will now only respond to the name;

(something really good goes here and I shall figure it out soon)
QUOTE(White RSX @ Oct 22 2004, 02:48 AM)
You're not...

You can't be...

Ab-Flug S900 Supra?!

I only wear the most deadly of attack armor
the early AB Flug Type 1 body armor
fully equipped for all kombat.
The s900 conclusion model is weak by comparison, it's attack power is of a backend platoon shwashbuckler!
someone explain to me whats going on
I pray to the gods of Bomex for speed over your rival trueslide.
Hulking over the freeway, clutching a vorpal blade, cometh (good name shall come to me soon....)! And he gives an ominous roar: "Bring blood and souls for me your dark lord! I lay waste to all I see like a virgin in a hooters bar!" Demolishing the terrain at lightspeed. Altering time and space, swinging T88 hand extensions, cometh J!
"In the name of malice, I slice through beating hearts like a mad dog who can only get madder!!"
QUOTE(5LiterMustang @ Oct 21 2004, 11:06 PM)
someone explain to me whats going on

fuckin werd
Double fuckin' werd.
White RSX
He's being Japanese.

Well not really.

Correctly it would be

Mr b00st
QUOTE(5LiterMustang @ Oct 21 2004, 10:06 PM)
someone explain to me whats going on

me too.
Yeah exactly, I was just translating the sotry of my car from japanese. Some guy wrote it and I was using a computer program to translate it into english and it came out so funny I had to take some pics to explain it all. laugh.gif
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