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Full Version: D: ! erohw noitnetta na m'I
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White RSX


I love Japan!

Track 12 is a special bonus track only on the Japanese CD. Yesterday, I was treated, by myself, to Satriani in concert. I still feel the same feelings I did when I walked out of the venue, such a firey performer. eek.gif All of his techniques were solid, tight and well knit. I'm proud to say I can rock like this man. biggrin.gif
I think you miss posted.
White RSX
I fixed it!
Any sample of this music?
Santa Claus cummed early!

I think they have a pill to stop that from happening.
i got one of his dvd's in concert, he is a great guitarist thumbs_up.gif I might have to get me the japanese version from, uhh, my old friend bittorrent smile.gif
Satch is the man! I'm going to see him in Milwaukee on Tuesday of next week.

I think I talked Santa (aka - wifey) into buying me the Satriani Ibanez for Christmas. biggrin.gif

I saw him about a month ago with Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, and also on the last G3 tour. He was with Vai and Malmsteen. I like Vai, but Malmsteen drives me crazy.
i dont care much for his music, But what a gitter player woot.gif
White RSX
I properly Cyclowned this thread.
QUOTE(White RSX @ Oct 21 2004, 03:13 PM)
I properly Cyclowned this thread.

LMAO when I first read the title I thought he really did change it.
i have that album... i quite enjoyed i, although i am deprived of the 12th track
QUOTE(White RSX @ Oct 21 2004, 03:13 PM)
I properly Cyclowned this thread.

I Cyclowned the thread way before you did tongue.gif
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