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Full Version: oh snaps! Mammoth Mountain opens tomorrow!
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i know what i'm doing this weekend! back to the mountains baby!
Woot !

p.s. whats mammoth mountian tard.gif
So soon!? Must be all man-made snow. Bleh to that; I'll wait for december.

And benny: Mammoth Mountain is a big ski resort in the Sierra Nevada, popular with LAers.
And they race motocross there in the summer, but I think this was the last year for motocross there. sad.gif
Ohhhh. Wow thats really early, we dont even have snow here and its practiclly the arctic
I live in canada, and we probably won't open till early december sad.gif

But ... we're on the prairies.. so we gotta wait for the weather to get right cold.
yeah and then it'll snow till mid june.
no.. we just had 2 huge storms roll in. it's all natural baby. some live webcams:

this was yesterday:

and this is the day before:

Holy crap I wanna go skiing...hmmm thanksgiving weekend sounds good.
i just went to NZ biggrin.gif Best snow id ever skied on thumbs_up.gif
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