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Full Version: Qvale Mangusta, M3, and a postal jeep!
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this one's a rarity.. first time seeing one.

nicely tucked M3 with nice lip on the wheels.

hehe.. nice license plate. does that say lil "fart"?
Qvale is very cool... and rare.
Ha, Qvale...I remember the first time I saw a Qvale on the road.

I was driving my mom's Honda Accord up Mount Hamilton Road (A narrow, twisting road that goes forever...takes an hour and a half to go 19 miles) back when I had had my permit for all of two weeks. So I was going up the mountain (not too slowly, but my parents were in the car and I was driving accord so I wasn't going that fast either) and this red Qvale comes up behind me, wanting me to pass. Well, there's nowhere to pull over; the road is perched on this hillside and there's no pullouts. Finally, 10 minutes later, there's a big gravel pullout at an intersection with another road, and I pull over to let the Qvale by, and she passes me and turns right down the other road. Bah!

That's my story.
Whenever i read the word "Qvale" the picture of a Quail pops in my head tongue_crossed-eyes.gif
Holy crap, those wheels on that M3 look AMAZING!
I prefer the stock rims on the M3. M3s are so common where I used to live, but that Qvale is pretty cool, although I don't care for it all that much..
drool, that m3 is gorgeous.

a friend of mine's dad has one with 19" Dinan's... they look very nice as well. not to mention it's laguna seca blue
That M3 is hot!
I like the Mangusta a lot from the front end, but the rear end is ugly and looks very old, the front is a lot more modern
fiber optic
You can get a heart character on your tag in California?
QUOTE(fiber optic @ Oct 15 2004, 05:00 PM)
You can get a heart character on your tag in California?

If you have a personalized plate, yeah.

You can also get a hand and a star.
fiber optic
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Oct 15 2004, 07:01 PM)
If you have a personalized plate, yeah.

You can also get a hand and a star.

I think here in AL we'd be lucky to get a hyphen even on a custom tag. Not that I'd ever get a heart, star, or hand but I guess it's nice to have the option. huh.gif
what about the hottie inside the mangusta oww
How can you tell?!
QUOTE(Dylan @ Oct 17 2004, 08:43 PM)
How can you tell?!

She owns a Qvale, she is either

a.) hot
b.) paid enough in plastic surgery to be hot!
Thanks Nismo for your wonderful contribution.
And the wonderful bump.
Whoah! Damn i didnt even notice i bumped it, WTF? It was only 10 posts down anyways.
White RSX
This isnt a very busy forum.

Read the dates.
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