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Full Version: Honda S2000
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If you don't know about this car then I suggest you go back to whatever hole you crawled out of because this is one of the premere japanese cars in the world. I have been told that the original 2 liter model was like a sport bike with 4 wheels with a light chassis and razor-like presicion. When it was first introduced it lay claim to the highest horsepower rating for its engine size in the world though it reciently lost that claim with the 2.2 liter displacement increase. The new displacement brought the redline down from its bonkers 9000 RPMs but also kept the same horsepower and added more torque on the bottom end. But let is ask, is it cool?
its ice cold... it has a gem of an engine razor sharp handling and looks gorgeous...what more do u want
Definitely cool...its styling is clean and timeless, its performance is great, its engine is a marvel of engineering. It lacks some of the sexy passion of its rivals, though.
i gave it a cold. I think it's a decent looking , quite fast for the price sports car. It's not something I would buy. I find it bland in styling, too conservative. It's not that it's ugly but it'm more into the daring sarta cars. The engine though is quite amazing, it's something worth driving for sure. The engine gets a thumbs_up.gif, styling gets a thumbs_down.gif . I prefer the RX-8. Just an opinion.
Only gets a cool because I hate some of the shit some people do to theirs. "Tuners' yea right burn in hell faggots sad.gif
When it was new it was the coolest Honda in a while
No longer the group of OAP's cars! Honda are cool, full stop. Infact I'd go as far to say that all but a few Japanese sports cars are cool! cool.gif
fiber optic
Cool: I'd drive it, looks like a fun and zippy little car.
Cool for certain. i love the guage cluster, especially the tachometer portion
QUOTE(Dylan @ Oct 1 2004, 11:43 PM)

laugh.gif Awesome.
Icicles hanging from it.
Black RSX
If I could have any car right now... I would buy an S2000.

I get so upset that I just did not get one of those instead of my RSX. Now it is too late cause I spent all the money I am going to on a car.. sad.gif

I swear if I won the Lottory... The first car I would get would be this one... (Then drop about $100k in mods into it!!) biggrin.gif
Dr. Strangelove
I am sorry, I love this car to pieces but this is not sub zero. Im not even sure if it is cool.
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