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Full Version: Jaguar C-Type
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This is my favorite Jag ever produced, so I think it should be in the Frozen section. It is amazingly beautiful, fast, and handles very well. I mean just look at it! I saw one at VIR at the Gold Cup races back in June, and the sound and looks of it nearly made me wet my pants, and I'm not joking. I love this thing. Here are the few specs I could gather:

Weight: 2240 lbs
Layout: Front Engine/Rear drive
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Engine Type: Straight 6
Displacement: 3442cc
Horsepower: 200bhp
Torque: 220 lb-ft
0-60mph: 8.1 sec
Top Speed: 144 mph

That car is purrrrrrty!
White RSX
It beat out the trio of Astons in 1952
fiber optic
:heart: BRG Jaguars :heart:
wub.gif Amazing peice of machinery
D is the coolest, but this is pretty damn cool too
QUOTE(LoudPipe @ Sep 6 2004, 11:12 AM)
D is the coolest, but this is pretty damn cool too

D is amazing, but I think the C is prettier.

You have to admit 144mph and 0-60 in 8.1 is pretty darn impressive for the late '40s- early '50s.
Thats liquid nitrogen thumbs_up.gif
i dont really have much of an opinion on it, but its not uncool, thats for sure!
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