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Full Version: Honda CRX 84-91
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Now this car has the unfortunate stigma of being a ricer target but how many of you can look past that? This car is still one of the hottest hatches out there. It was the first car to feature Honda's infamous B16 motor and the US cars were treated to the ZC blacktop motor, the granddaddy DOHC motor. Even with a mere 90 horsepower in the lower models the car could still shuffle like no other and can be seen booging around most local autocross tracks.

It weighs almost nothing and this is good for performance but had another benefit too. The HF model could achieve upwards of around 50 mpg. So basically it was a hybrid car before there were hybrids. The tuning potential is massive for these cars simply because almost any non k series motor will fit inside of the bonnet from the hot H22A Prelude motor (220 hp stock) to the B18C that was in the Integra Type R. It can be a drag car with the prelude motor, an autocross car with the B16, and a track car with the B18.

But does any of this make it cool?
My neighbor had a nice, clean CRX back in the day...based on your little writeup, and that clean CRX (the only one of its kind), I'm actually inclined to call it cool.

It also looks really cool growling around an autoX course wink.gif
fiber optic
When I was 6 or 7 years old I thought the CRX was badass.

Now I know better. thumbs_down.gif
Mr b00st
a gen 2 Si with a B16A would be sweet.

So would an H22 CRX smile.gif
QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Aug 27 2004, 07:49 PM)
a gen 2 Si with a B16A would be sweet.

So would an H22 CRX smile.gif

How about a twin engine 1st gen like C&D built years ago? smile.gif
Or the CRX with a Northstar V8 in the back.
the first generation is ice cold, the second is just cool
A few people back in Amsterdam had some, they completely souped them up and I thought those looked pretty bad ass. If you keep them in good condition they look good, but then if they lose the shine and what not, then I think they look a bit crap...just because they look so outdated...
They used to be cool like 15 years ago
You said the H22 gives 220HP stock, but actually it's 200HP for the JDM and 190HP for the USDM or 200HP for the type s motor USDM, none of the H22A's are 220HP stock
fiber optic
Move it to "Cool"
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