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Full Version: BMW E28 M5
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This is the e28 M5

(Euro Version)
HP: 286 wo Catalyst @ 6500
Torque: 251 @ 4500 lb/ft
Compression: 10.5:1
0-100km/h: 6.0
Curb Weight: 3153 lb

As usual we poor suckers in USA get he watered down version (only 252 HP)
I love all the M5s. There's just something I like about having 4 doors and being able to haul your family around at high speeds tongue.gif
Only cool; looks too wimpy and weak-kneed (it ain't, but it looks it)
White RSX
Last silver one is Ice cold, the stock form is just cool.
mmm REAL bmw's
Mr b00st
the setting for hte first picture is correct.

Coolest M5 ever, and most all M5's are seriously cool. 'cept the new one, which is not cool at all.
i personally prefer the last gen M5s the best but that said no previous M5 can ever be uncool .... except the new one which i am very skeptical.
I find it as beautiful. Freezing.
I have to disagree here... I can't argue about performance, but I just don't like the E28s... M5 or not.
Good E28 M5 pics here.
I voted cool, but I think there should be an option between freezing and cool. I like the E28 M5 a lot, and would certainly love to own one, but just wish it looked a little bit more agressive in stock form. Of course with the modern marvel of fiberglass and plastic, I would have no problem with that.
The car in the first pic is M5, the second looks like M535i kitted regular E28 and the last one seems to be an M535i. BTW the E28 US spec bumpers are hideous

I like the E28 M5 a lot, and would certainly love to own one
Hahaa, soon I'll have one (Well, not a real one. Faster, better handling and better looking than real)

I think I have to vote frozen
QUOTE(Dylan @ Aug 27 2004, 06:21 PM)

thats a US speced M5...
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