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Full Version: Citroen DS
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Ok, time for another weird car from me... tongue.gif

When the DS was released in 1955, there was nothing like it on the road. It was the first model to feature the high-pressure hydraulic system still used today in the Citroen C5.

The hydraulics powered the brakes, the power steering and above all, the suspension. The ride comfort was unheard of back then, and is astonishing even today. Instead of conventional springs, the DS (and all later hydraulic citroens) use hydrogen spheres. The hydrogen is the actual "spring" and is blue in the picture. The hydraulic oil works as a shock absorber.

I have never tried a DS in real life, but I've driven a few later citroens (BX and Xantia) and I can tell you, the system works... better than you think.

It wasn't a very powerful car. All engines had four cylinders, and ranged from 1.9 to 2.3 litres. The top model during the last model year (1975) developed 141 bhp. The reason I think this car is cool is not because it's fast, but because it was way ahead of its time. Self levelling suspension with manual ride height adjustment, disc brakes, power steering, advanced aerodynamics... in 1955!

hey the griswalds drove one in European Vacation, it has to be cool
it was awesome for it's time

sub zero
Incredibly inovative design. Ice cold !!
Frozen like a Frenchman trying to cross the Antarctic on a bicycle.

This is an awesome car with one of the greatest designs in automotive history. Instantly recognizable and unique.
Indeed it's unique in design. cool
fiber optic
It's a piece of shit with wheels attached.
Jury's still out.
Ice cold. It's so ugly/beautiful!
Revolutionary suspension that was about 40 years ahead of its time and it worked even then !!! has to be ice cold.
Any other manufacturer would have me saying 'ice cold' because of all the innovations...but we are talking about a quirky Citroen here. Horrid looking...still cool though.
White RSX
They named it after dieselstation.


True fact.
Of course. Why wouldn't they?

HORY SHITS. I just had a revalation. I kano what DS doesn't stand for. shifty.gif
The future taxis in Back to the Future 2 were DS's
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