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Full Version: Nissan R390 GT1
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In 1998 a new breed of car was to try its hand at winning the infamous Le Mans race. Toyota and Nissan both stepped up to become the next japanese company to win the infamous race. There were new rules this time around though that required at least ONE road worthy car to be produced and sold for the car to be able to race in Le Mans. So some lucky bastard out there actually owns this road car. But that's all beside the point.


Engine: 3.5 liter twin turbo V8
Power: 560 BPH (Race cars had 600)
Torque: 470 ft-lbs
Layout: Mid engined/rear wheel drive
Weight: 2246 lbs
Top speed: 205 mph
0 to 60: 3.80s
Poll Dakian!!! Poll!!!
Poll made biggrin.gif
White RSX
PBB's nipples can cut glass.
Don't care for its's like they took a McLaren F1 and ugli-tized it. But the fact that it's road/race is cool, so it's cool.
road going rocket from nissan and it looks better than a skyline !!
Woah who voted MJ?
White RSX
That car is way cool, 33 cool.
NISSAN MUAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!
this car is beyond frozen, especially the race version
I love this car. First time I found out about it was when I was playing Gran Turismo 3 and I love tha car in there. I prefer the styling of the racing one because of the spoiler and I like that paint scheme better (if you were to strip it of the ads).

I'd say it's Frozen...
Frozen, dude can you imagine a NISMO R390? That would be brill, got one on GT3 and it looks miiiint!
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