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Full Version: Today's stuff (no RX-8!)
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So, I went to my local VW/Audi/Porsche dealership (oviously weh ave other VW and Audi dealers but no other Porsche)

and snapped some quick pics, (they're shitty as you can see but I was in a hurry and didn't bother too much with the editing either)

here we go

The Porsche section of the showroom as well as the service area

A 911 Turbo

A 911 40th Anniversary Edition

993 vs 996, which vert looks better? they're really different!

911 history line, a few are missing though

996 Turbo, 996 C4S, 930(?) Turbo

Another of the black Turbo

And finally, a neat 2005 S4

The second porsche is a 40th Anniversary Edition 911, not a C4S.
ah! now I remeber those rims!

that's why I had put a (?), thanks for the info, I'll fix that thumbs_up.gif
fiber optic
Going to the dealer isn't cheating. At least you have a Porsche dealer in your town or within 2 hours drive. sad.gif
Mmmmmm... S4... Me wants...
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 20 2004, 02:27 PM)
Mmmmmm... S4... Me wants...

S4's own, me wants a red convertable one! biggrin.gif
White RSX
I like the 993 better than the 996 tard.gif
QUOTE(White RSX @ Sep 5 2004, 11:06 AM)
I like the 993 better than the 996 tard.gif

Without a doubt.
I like the 993 convertable better than the 996 convertable, but in coupe models, I like both equally. I like the 930 better than them all though biggrin.gif.
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