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Full Version: Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI
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You might remember the Skoda RS already voted into the "Cool" section. Well, this is its cousin, made by Seat, another member of the Volkswagen Group.

It has the same old 1.9 TDI 8v SOHC engine as you can find in a variety of vws, audis, seats and skodas but here it is in the most powerful version, 160 bhp... whereas the Skoda "only" has the 130 hp one.

It comes with a six speed manual, and goes from 0 to 100km/h in 7.6 seconds and has a top speed of 220 km/h. It has a combined fuel consumption of 5.4l/100km but will go as low as 4.5 during out of town driving.

I like it! A little more power would be nice, but a lightweight, torquey diesel hatch is froze, IMO.
Diesels just aren't cool. Sorry mate.
Damn, this thing look fucking mean...and a 160 HP TDI!? What kind of torque does this thing make!? This is Ice Cold, damn!
cool.gif Ice cold !

The ideal performance oriented commuter car.
New Seat Ibiza Cupra
SEAT is showcasing the definitive version of the diesel powered Ibiza Cupra at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. This vehicle is equipped with the new 160 hp (118 kW) 1.9 TDI engine, the sportiest, most powerful in SEAT's history, making the Ibiza Cupra a veritable benchmark within its segment.

The bold and sporting Ibiza Cupra leaves no doubt as to its performance potential. Among the unique features is a newly designed front end with larger air intakes to help increase airflow into the engine bay, and a contrasting grille arrangement with intake slats at the top and a honeycomb design underneath. Sitting proudly in the centre is the SEAT symbol in a chrome surround.

The rear bumper is also completely new and features a large chromed oval tailpipe emerging from the bottom of its redesigned silhouette. This exhaust system, as on the León Cupra R, produces the aurally evocative 'Engine SEAT sound'. The model is identified at the rear with the word Cupra directly beneath the large S symbol.

In profile, the Ibiza Cupra can be identified by the striking design of its titanium coloured alloy rims. The five double-spoke 7J x 17 inch rims are shod with 205/40 R17 tyres.

As is traditional with products developed by SEAT Sport, the sporting image of the exterior is mirrored on the inside. Interior trim is all black with the only contrast coming from the white-faced dials on the instrument panel and touches of red such as the stitching on the steering wheel, gear lever gaiter and hand brake grip.

As with the León Cupra R, SEAT Sport has developed a special steering wheel for the Ibiza Cupra. The three-spoke wheel is wrapped in black leather and has an ergonomic grip on both sides for more positive handling. Another neat touch is the strip of red leather, which has been sewn onto the wheel at 12 o'clock, imitating the 'straight ahead' marker found on the steering wheel of a racing car.

SEAT's most powerful Diesel engine

The Ibiza Cupra TDI is SEAT's most powerful diesel engine vehicle within its segment. With its 160 hp output mated to a six-speed gearbox, the model reaches a top speed of 220 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds.

These outstanding performance figures are achieved with low fuel consumption values. The Ibiza Cupra equipped with a TDI engine only needs 4.5 litres of fuel for 100 km of out of town driving, with a combined fuel consumption rate of 5.4 l/100 km.

Agile Chassis

The new model is equipped with the 'Agile Chassis' concept incorporating Dynamic Steering Response (DSR). This sophisticated system combines carefully tuned suspension settings with a computer controlled 'intelligent' programme that varies the assistance given to the steering according to how the car is being driven, resulting in precise handling and sharper responses to driver input.

Complementing the excellent level of active safety provided by DSR, the new model offers other safety features such as driver and passenger airbag, side airbags, ABS and TCS traction control.

As befits its competition breeding, the Ibiza Cupra comes equipped with a brake system developed directly from motor sport, featuring 312 mm ventilated discs at the front and 232 mm solid discs behind.

Put all these elements together and the result on the Ibiza Cupra is an agile performer with sharp reactions and a sporting heart.

SEAT is soon launching the Ibiza Cupra equipped with a potent, 180 hp (132 kW) turbocharged 1.8 litre 20V unit, making the Ibiza one of the fastest and most powerful front-wheel drive vehicles in its segment.

With the arrival of the new Ibiza Cupra, SEAT has included the Cupra concept, synonymous of sportiness and high performance, in a Diesel powered vehicle, and the same as with the León Cupra R, all the Ibiza Cupra units will be manufactured at SEAT Sport's facilities in Martorell.

Source: Seat
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Aug 20 2004, 08:42 AM)
Diesels just aren't cool. Sorry mate.

Because it doesn't make low torque like a rotary? JK

I like this is fucking awesome.
Diesel Rotary might be the most uncool thing ever biggrin.gif
Frozen! looks awesome! and I like the idea of a sport hatchback with a diesel thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Aug 20 2004, 06:06 PM)
Diesel Rotary might be the most uncool thing ever biggrin.gif

laugh.gif Mazda presents the new RX-8 diesel, goes like the wind, sounds like it too...
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