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Full Version: Toyota Trueno GT-APEX
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I think it's a great car, despite it's ugly looks(older models) i love it. It's supposed to be a great drift car.

(Ok well i can't find any specs from a big name site but i found some from a smaller personal website, if anyone has the real specs or can verify them please post.)

Car:TE71 1982 Trueno GT-APEX

Steering:AE86 Power Rack and pinion
Engine:1.8L DOHC EFI Twinspark Turbocharged
-Water Methanol injection
-Factory Trueno fuel lift pump

Top Speed: 255kph (limited by gearing)
Max RPM: 7500rpm
Est 0-100kph: 6.3sec
Max Power: 260hp (estimated)

White RSX
When Toyota made cool cars... cool.gif
Are you absolutely positive its turbocharged?
I wanna say ice cold because I've seen one ripping up an autocross course like nobody's business...but also uncool because it's a drifting thing that appeals to people who learned everything they know about cars from Gran all balances out to cool.
i doubt it made 260hp stock. I think you got those specs off someone's site dedicated to his modded trueno
i think this car was made to go drifting ...anyone find better info on them? anyways, i think its cool .... i like the toyota designs of the time.
White RSX
They weren't turbo.
Yeah the first post is riddled with misinformation.
White RSX
I'f youre going to do one do this one.
Mmmmmm independent throttle bodies.
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Aug 17 2004, 08:26 PM)
Yeah the first post is riddled with misinformation.

Sorry, must have gotten it from an unreliable source angry.gif .
White RSX
130hp @ 6600rpm 4AGE, DOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder with EFI
the REAL specs dont do it for me. uncool. everybody probably thinks its faster than it is, even though it doesn't even look that fast (i bet i confused you all)
Its a car you just have to understand to love.
i also dont like the "scene" this car typically appears in
I do biggrin.gif
Those specs listed above are pure bullshit for a stock AE86. It's more like Max power 115hp. It's the same 4age engine used in my MR2. But a stock AE86 is actually a lot faster than a stock MR2 O_o It weights less. They barely weight 2000lbs.

And personally, I love the looks of it
White RSX
No, the AE86 has hotter engine than the AW11.

I think tard.gif
Ice Cold
Black RSX
VERY ice cold!!! woot.gif thumbs_up.gif cool.gif
QUOTE(White RSX @ Aug 18 2004, 10:22 PM)
No, the AE86 has hotter engine than the AW11.

I think tard.gif

Nope, same engine. The AE86's engine lacks the tvis system that the MR2 engine has though. Basically a butterfly valve that opens around 4200rpm to allow more air into the engine.
Mr b00st
stock AE86 chassis cars (well GT-Apexs anyhow) came stock with a 4AGE, 130bhp and 96lb-ft.
sick.gif drool
drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool drool
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