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Full Version: Alpina RV8
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4.8-liter V-8 with 375hp

0-60 mph 5 seconds

Top Speed 161mph

Produced 06/02 - 10/03

Number produced 555
I really love the Z8, and although this isn't as fast, I think it's better looking and all that.

It's cool.
Z8s are way cool.

An automatic version for cripples and prettyboy investment bankers is definitely uncool.
Cool, however i think i prefer the stock looks
Cool, the Z8 drives ok and the alpina colour and rims are perfect! cool.gif
Mr b00st
how could a car with less power and an automatic and a TUNER badge costing more than the standard version (itself a tosser's car) POSSIBLY be cool?

you're all poofs.
Thank goodness I'm not a poof. tongue.gif
Mr b00st
PBB, you're the least poofty of all of the member here! nothing you've got to worry about smile.gif
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