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Full Version: Concourse D'Elegance Greenwich CT
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In June I drove to CT (my first time in CT smile.gif Iv'e driven through 44 states, and have yet to go through New England) for the Concourse D'Elegance. As usual it was raining...quite hard in fact. Anyhow...I took a bunch of pics, these are the best of the bunch. Sorry about the yellow rope in some of the pics. feel free to photoshop them.

This is the Aston Martin Zaggato. Even though I :heart: Aston Martin, this one is a bit too much. not classy like the rest...

This last one, a 1938 Talbot Lago (Thanks Paulie D) is a real bute :heart: . Does it reming you of the Chrysler Atlantic concept?
Atlantic concept

Beautiful! If I'd known about this, I would've gone. It's 30-50 minutes away from me sad.gif.
There's an ad in automobile mag and motortrend for a few months b4 the show. I meant to go last year, but missed it because of the bad weather. (Its a 5 hour drive for me). This year, it was pouring once again, but I toughed it out...and got soaked. It was so depressing to see these cars sitting in this rain (Most were convertibles) and rusting. sad.gif
Holy Shit! There was an Aston Martin Vantage LeMans there?!?!? Wow. That's awesome.
I believe that last car is a Talbot Lago. A real "beaut." :heart:
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