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Full Version: Skoda Fabia RS
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IMO it has a certain, 'Im driving a Skoda, what you gunna do' coolness.

Fabia RS is a new, sports-oriented Škoda Auto model. This attractive vehicle of a distinctly sporty appearance complements the Fabia model series, expanding the range of the company’s sports models.

It is fitted with a turbo-charged 1.9 TDI PD/96 kW Diesel engine, specially made for this particular sports model. This modern engine has excellent dynamic parameters, adding something positively unique and exclusive to the vehicle. Sports version automobiles powered with turbo-charged engines are still not very common.

Fabia RS amazes not only by its power and dynamics, but also by its economical properties. It reaches maximum speed of 204 km/h and is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds at a combined consumption of only 5.6 liter Diesel oil per 100 km. Such parameters could be achieved only through use of the latest technology during the process of vehicle and engine engineering.
White RSX
Cool for a quick diesel
What makes diesels cool is not their off-the-line acceleration, but the massive torque that makes for instance 80-120km/h acceleration quick. Fabia RS is cool
Cool because of the engine and it's a Skoda.
Uncool because it is a Skoda.
Cool goes to a fast diesel that is connected to a brand name that 90% of americans have never heard of!
not the prettiest thing ever, Uncool
I like the looks of it better then Jetta, I think thats what its based on thumbs_up.gif
B0mb3r: no, you are thinking of the Octavia RS... 1.8T 180hp. The Fabia is one step down from the Jetta platform.

I voted cool because it's a fast diesel powered skoda. Can't get much cooler than that really biggrin.gif

Imagine pulling up next to a fully loaded A4 TDI... "yeah, I probably paid half of what you did and I still have the same engine as you" laugh.gif
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