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Full Version: Corolla XRS
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Mr b00st
ok... here's a car that should divide opinion.

Take the world's most staid, reliable, dependable, sensible car and make it less sensible and economical. Well, kinda.

A switch from the VVT-i 1Z-FE to the VVTL-i 2ZZ-GE from the Celica GT-S and Matrix XRS (as well as the Elise 111R/US Spec!) raises horsepower from 130 to 170. The 2ZZ-GE, a notoriously torqueless powerplant, has been !SURPRISE! retuned for more mid-range punch and as a result has lost some horsepower and the redline has gone down; but it can still hit the magic 8k on the tacho! it's mated, of course, to a six speed manual and a limited slip diffy. Inside there are some "sporty seats" of dubious taste, an upgraded stereo, and some other crap. Outside, it gets some nifty 17' rims.

the car can crack sixty in under 7 sec yet still gets around 30mpg highway. I might consider getting one, it makes so much sense.

msrp: 17,445

engine: 1.8L (2ZZ-FE) inline four, DOHC, 16v, VVTL-i
horsepower: 170@7600(!)rpm
torque: 127lb-ft@4400
redline: 8,000rpm

transmission: 6 speed manual with LSD
drive: front
0-60: 6.8s (claimed)

RJ 21
So, of all the options... Which one is cool?
Mr b00st
they're int he same order you know.
I would much rather prefer a Civis SI over this so uncool/ whichever jimmy that corresponds to ....on the same note ... i saw a truck transporting a civic with Type R plates on front .... and i wasnt too sure if that was just fanboii stunt or honda decided to correct their mistake and bring us the Type R !!!
Mr b00st
if honda decide to import type R's you would have heard about it!
Its a good car, but its about as uncool as you can get....
how is jimmy hoffa cooler than jimmy buffet? Other than the fact that he may be physically cold becasue he is dead.
Good car, but it makes no sense. Its definitely not torquey enough to compete in the class its aiming at, and its still to bland to attract much attention. I just don't feel this one.
Corollas aren't cool. Period.

Although the engine is totally schizo. It starts out like any old family car engine but when you hit 6000rpm it turns into a crazy screamer...
The Corolla will never be even remotely cool. End of story.
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 5 2004, 01:01 PM)
The Corolla will never be even remotely cool. End of story.

QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Aug 5 2004, 07:49 AM)
ok... here's a car that should divide opinion.

Pretty undivided so far tongue.gif
A torqueless disgrace of "performance"...MJU.
Mr b00st
AE86 Sprinter Apex???
my 105hp 3sp auto is a corolla, nuff said.
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