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Full Version: 2004 Birel CR32 ICC Shifter Kart
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Chassis- 32mm tube frame
Wheels- Magnesium w/ beadlocks
Min weight- 360 lbs with driver and all liquids
Seat materials- Fiberglass or Carbon-Fiber
Brakes- 2 Master Cylinders, 3 Slotted and Drilled discs (2 front, 1 rear axle)
Rear Axle- 50mm
Suspension- no
Tires- Bridgestone YGC/B or Dunlop DBS

Engine- Pavesi or TM
Displacement- 125cc
Top Speed- 100mph+
0-60 mph- heart.gif sec
Cooling- Liquid
Gearbox- 6 speed sequential (1-N-2--3--4--5--6)
Clutch- Dry or Wet single disc
Horsepower- varies, about 45
Carburator- Dellorto

Price- About $8000 USD
why are there 5 voting options? It kinda runins the dynamic of the wall if there is one car that doesn't fit into any of the 4 catagories.

(although I think there should be a "luke warm" kind of section. I don't think a lot of cars that have been mentioned are uncool, but they definately are not cool. They fall somewhere in between.)

I voted uncool because it about as street legal as a golf cart.
Help! how do I change the poll options? Then just disregard the room temp one I guess.
I think you just edit the first post.
0-60 in 3 seconds, I fucking love it! Absolute Zero!
you could spend just as much on a motorcycle, be nearly as quick, and be street legal.

Can you pull (lateral) 3Gs on a motorcycle?
Come on, what are parking lots for?
Karts are cool, but what's so special about this one?
umop apisdn
Shifter Karts are just, incredible. After you've driven one you'll understand, otherwise its hard to find the appeal (most think of it like a Gokart)

They have really nice setup options, and handle really well from apex to exit. As for picking this type, it's the kind I have, and it is very popular. It wins a lot of championships here and in Europe. That is why I picked it.

As for umop apisdn- spoken
Shifter carts kick ass! Ice cold!
this poll only needs one option, fucking awesome
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