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Rear mounted, liquid cooled
Light Alloy V6,
2.85 Liter - Single overhead camshaft
C.I.S. mechanical fuel injection - Cylinder Bore 91mm
Stroke 73mm - Displacement 2849 cc
Power Rating 130 SAE NET HP @5,500 RPM
Maximum Torque 208 Nm @ 2,750 RPM
Compression Ratio 8:8:1
Transmission (5 speed manual, 3 speed Automatic)

Oh, if only I had 10k...
10K? thats it?

Seems kind of cheap to me. I always thought they were collector's items.

*edit* I voted mj uncool because it just is.
All looks, no go; uncool.
*ahem* I forgot to add how this car makes me think of how much I hate the 80's. And all the rotten business practices that people used then and now.
Yeah, the ebay prices run from 8k (driveable, minor interior repairs needed) to 15+k (fully restored). I love em. Its like driving a big silver tank.
George McFly

this car is a bigger tease than the Prowler. Everybody who sees it thinks its fast, but its not. It should be the other way around. MJ Uncool.
Who the hell makes a supposed sports car with almost 3 liter engine pushing out only 130hp, with a top speed of like 110mph and a body made of stainless???
QUOTE(LoudPipe @ Aug 4 2004, 02:31 PM)
Who the hell makes a supposed sports car with almost 3 liter engine pushing out only 130hp, with a top speed of like 110mph and a body made of stainless???

John DeLorean. D'uh... tongue.gif
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 4 2004, 10:32 PM)
John DeLorean. D'uh... tongue.gif

Duh!!! What my previous post meant was that it's BS (if you really failed to get it) head.gif
Uncool because it just is. Extra points for being in BTTF though thumbs_up.gif.
.... I hate you guys dry.gif
Uncool. All show, no go. It looks like an OK kitted Fiero, but I always think its Redneck meets Italian. Unfortunately, the Redneck holds the majority in this case.
The styling looked great. I especially loved the stainless steel body and how since Mr. DeLorean was a tall man, he made his car for tall people. But unfortunately the DeLorean had a lot of short comings. One being the engine...It was slow and unreliable. In fact the whole car was very unreliable and not cheap to work on. Next is the handling...being rear-engine, it sucked. And last but not least, the car included a spare tired in the front trunk (Frunk) however if you actually had a flat and had to use the spare, you'd have to leave your blown tire as the frunk was not large enough for you to place your broken tire in it. And nobody wants to put it in their passenger seat!

As mentioned above, the car was All show and No Go. It wasn't a sports car, it was a vanity peice. People didn't drive these because they wanted something sporty and quick, they drove it because they wanted to be flashy and on top of the world. Hence why I rank it George McFly uncool.

//edit However I must add that with a good engine swap this car is very quick, which is the way it should of been in the first place. Also the car was just great in BTTF biggrin.gif!
Mr b00st
someone's swapped a 20btREW into one. Does 0-60 in 4.5s!

i vote "uncool"- and that drops to "totally uncool" if you paint it.
clarkma5's the nerdiest thing you can possibly drive, considering you can't drive the millenium falcon.
it has poor build quality, doesnt handle that well and its slow.

however, its stainless steel, has gullwing doors and it looks awesome as the back to the future version, Cool
This is a tough one... it has the same engine as a Volvo 260 so it's slow. It apparently can't handle either... not cool.

On the other hand, it's made out of fiberglass and stainless steel and it has gullwing doors... I guess it's somewhere in the middle between cool and uncool.
I say its cool cause of the easiness to twin turbo it from what I hear. I would own one in a heartbeat cause they are different, and you don't see them everyday.
Yah and there's a reason why you don't see anyone driving them around...
Wtf is a jiggawatt?
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Nov 4 2005, 10:23 PM) *
Wtf is a jiggawatt?

pfft ... N00b tongue_crossed-eyes.gif
I voted uncool for this one. Even though it's unique looking, it's just way too slow for what it was intended to be.
I saw 7 of these drving around Donington Park, before I thought they were pretty uncool, but when I saw them all together doing donuts and racing each other, I thought they were pretty cool.

Conclusion: Cool; in packs only.
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Nov 4 2005, 11:23 PM) *
Wtf is a jiggawatt?

Did you... by anychance... change Jiggawatts to Gigawatts?

Have you ever seen BTTF?

I can plainly see you suck at obscure movie references.
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Dec 16 2005, 02:54 PM) *

I can plainly see you suck at obscure movie references.

....Ok, I haven't seen BTTF in a while.

I now remember that quote.

I suck. sad.gif
micheal j fox wonldnt approve...
yet bizzarely i like it... tard.gif
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