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Full Version: 2005 Scion tC
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2005 Scion tC

2.4L I-4 FWD
Horsepower 160@5700
Torque 163@4000


White RSX
Image car, Lame.
Mr b00st
cool, i want one. Very affordable- you can have one with 200bhp for 20 grand.
one thing i've noticed is that the stock tires are Very noisy. My truck has less road noise inside.

im driving it on a 200 mile round trip tmrw, so i'll have a little more seat time.
I think they're cool. But they're tastefuly tasteless. So that makes it just cool.
Just an ordinary car in all respects.
Lame. Trying to be a custom car for people like the Scion box thing, and yet they supposedly make a lot of them.

It's a total wanna-be. Hell, it's even made by Toyota, right?
I say cool because the sytling's not too bad, I like the hatchback coupe thing, and it's an inexpensive car that really works thumbs_up.gif.
Black RSX
It is inexpensive.... Nice looking... Will run forever....

For what it is... it is cool..
I agree. For what it is its cool.

I like the Scion box (xb of whatever) more though.
I think it's a cool car. It looks great, has a decent amount of power. It's not a sports car but it would make a great daily driver. The standard features are great as well as the factory options that are avaliable. I'd drive one. The only thing thats holding it back from being Frozen is it lacks turbo/supercharger and insane handling.
Definitely cool.

It has a somewhat muscular look and a very pleasing interior. The engine is rock-solid reliable and actually has a healthy torque curve (something that is usually lacking in this segment). Also, the factory warrantied accessories (TRD supercharger, TRD suspension) are the icing on the cake. thumbs_up.gif
i was a lot more impressed with how it drove today. I clocked like 180 miles in it.
I voted cool (I own one, why would I buy it if I felt otherwise?)...I hate when people call it an 'image car' or 'wanna-be'. It is a quality car and the only reason it would be a wanna-be is if it Scion was trying to make it seem that you were getting a full blown sports car...they aren't. Although they aspire to higher quality then usual, its competitors are still clearly the Honda Civic, Saturn Ion, Mitsubishi Eclipse, etc. Yea, you will have the ricers who come along but don't say the car sucks because of that...

As for the car itself, it can't get 'Top Cool' because it does have flaws that are noticeable after having some seat time with it (body roll, tire noise) but it otherwise is a much better choice then any of its competitors would be.
wow, this barely got on to the cool wall.
Personally i like them, they're pretty good bang for the buck, and they're the nicest looking scions
clarkma5's marketed to a clueless MTV-addled generation.
Pretty cool cars, it is a typical toyota though. I don't think you can buy a better brand new car for 16 grand, possibly mazda 3. thumbs_up.gif
The voting says a lot about this car:
Frozen: ZERO
Cool: 13
Uncool: 13
Crap: ZERO

This car is right in the fat part of the automotive Bell curve.
Which means it's acceptable but bland and boring.
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