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Full Version: 1965 Ford GT40 mk1
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1965 Ford GT40 mk1


Mid engined, 4.7L V8, 4speed manual

385.0 bhp @ 7000 rpm
312 ft lbs @ 5000 rpm

2100 lbs

Oh Yeah... AMAZING
White RSX
Not to mention the victories.
Anyone who doesn't vote at least cool needs to have their license revoked. tongue.gif
Uhhh, it goes up to 90mph in first gear, it did have four gears, but thats crazy. How isn't this cool? The only way Ferrari could pass GT40 is if they broke/crashed.

This car probably has the most History then any other car.
With the arrival of the new GT, I'm pretty sick of hearing about it's downgraded to "cool"
The ultimate pony basher !!!!
Ford's Greatest achievment...

Soon to be reborn...
Black RSX
This car does not even need to be voted on... just put it in the Frozen Section.

This is one of the Top Ten Cars of all Time...
Awesome, i love the new one as well, i saw a blue one with white stripes at the local ford dealership, it was tehre for 2 hours waiting to be picked up by some "microsoft guy" i wonder if it was paul allen tard.gif

anyway shitty thing is i didnt have a camera and i didnt think to get photos with my phone
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