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Full Version: The late Lotus Esprit V8
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2002 Lotus Esprit V8 -Base price $71,000

Valvetrain DOHC 4 Valves
Displacement 3500 cc / 213.6 cu in
Power 261.0 kw / 350 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Torque 399.97 nm / 295.0 ft lbs @ 4250 rpm

HP / Liter 100.0 bhp per litre

0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds
0 to 100 mph in 10.2 seconds
0 to 150 mph in 29.7 seconds
1/4-mile in 12.7 seconds @ 112 mph
Top speed @ 180 mph
70-0 mph braking in 165 feet
300 ft-dia skidpad .94g

Sorry, I love posting Huge Pics... tongue.gif

i love it.

doesn't cost that much more than a viper, and its a lot better drivers car
My favourite British Sports Car IMO
My favourite British Sports Car thumbs_up.gif Orgasmic
I hate that last generation tail lights... but it's cool. thumbs_up.gif
Ice cold, baby! WHy, it's a Lotus, therefore, it's awesome.
huge colin
I'm just wondering, but why don't you like the TTV8?
Black RSX
I :heart: Lotus...
Orgasmic...look at that stance. The first picture is just BEAUTIFUL. wub.gif

3.5 liter twin turbo This car is just fantastic.
the only thing i hate is how in the first pic, the front bumper is so low, but the rest of the car has an extra 5 inches of ground clearance whistle.gif
I was gonna say that, but I didn't know how to word it.
I love it. I forgot 'bout it though!
Mr b00st
the car lost some cool after it got a restyle in the early ninties... the wedgy esprits were cooler!

so it's just cool.
Esprit had already died...
Gorgeous, one of the best looking cars i've seen and i like it soo much more than the elise
One of my all time favorite cars. I've always loved the styling and have had the pelasure several times of seeing and HEARING them in person. The sound they produce is absolutely orgasmic!
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