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Full Version: 1969/1970 Mustang BOSS 302
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1969/1970 Boss 302

(only the 1970 model is pictured)

302 cubic inch "High Revving" V8.


40 mph ---- 3.2
60 mph ---- 6.0
80 mph ---- 10.0
100 mph ---- 15.2
Standing quarter mile ---- 14.57 secs @ 97.57mph

Base Price: $3,720.00

This car was a factory built road racer. In 1970 this car won the trans am championship.

Though I'd muchmuchmuch rather have a Mach 1 with the 428CJ. keke
This hurts but I am going to have to say Cool. There is just something about this car... thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif
Loved the year, loved the styling, loved the engine and can only be topped with the Shelby's...
Black RSX
Such a sick classic car!!! woot.gif thumbs_up.gif
Yeah, it's cool...just look at that stance.
fiber optic
One of the few cars that looks good with stripes. Factory Ford power is always thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif
Absolutely frozen. One of my favorite cars, definitely my favorite Mustang model. Between the '69 and '70 Boss 302, I prefer the '69 hands down. Front end has a much more aggressive look to it.

1969 Boss 302

fiber optic
QUOTE(Megadeus @ Aug 2 2004, 08:54 PM)

Are those Torq-thrusts?
ya, American Racing Torque Thrust D's
that white 69 is hot. I think you just converted me from a 70 fan to a 69 fan. smile.gif

Just to continue the Boss 302/Torq-Thrust love fest, this time with some '70s...

Mr b00st
just another ford.
Wo'hoah! Thats a NICE car. Frozen Cool. Never would own one though, aint my style.
White RSX
QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Aug 2 2004, 07:49 PM)
just another ford.

Thank you for that post filled with knowlege and clarity.

Wicked awesome by the way.
i Loooove the 69, im also a big fan of the 69 mach 1, and when you take that, make it look nicer and give it even more power you get a deffinite win
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