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Full Version: Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO/Dodge Stealth
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For the sake of this debate only the top dollar models will be counted so the FWD SOHC V6 models won't taint whatever chance this car has at being cool. But ok the info. This was to be Mitsubishi's tour de force in technology and power and was to set a new standard for the pacific muscle cars and thank god it didn't.

Featuring All wheel drive and a 276 hp powerplant the car should have been a stormer. But then the active exhaust (exhaust that had flaps that would open up with the throttle, quiet when idling open for power), active front spoiler, All wheel steering, a convertable hard top (on some models), ABS, and electronically adjustable suspension brought the car's weight to a staggering 4000+ lbs.

So it had the power, it had the look, but it was also a porker. Is it cool?
It has that odd early-90s look that is really unappealing, and it is ridiculously overweight...if any car deserves the moniker "obese", this one does. That and the only people I ever see driving them are 30-40 year old blonds who look like their exotic dancing career has faded with their looks. I'm favoring MJU on this one.
i voted not cool.

the only thing that kept me from voting "inferior cool capacity" is that a kid at my school had a VR4 Spider, and he seemed to get a lot of girls
I want to obliterate the car and just vote MJU but something in the back of my head is screaming NOOOOOOO ITS COOL YOU KNOW IT IS!!! I'm torn.

The car carries itself really well and when you first look at it you go "oh that's a fast car" but you dig a little deeper and say "no not really" but its the fact that it does look good that I think its making me lean towards cool.
the vr4 is Cool, i'd drive one
Mr b00st
MJU. I don't like the car much at all compared to what it competed with (RX-7, Supra, 300ZX...) It was technology for the sake of technology rather than for the sake of having a faster car... i mean come on, adjustable aero? Who cares? Variable exhaust sound? That's gay.

a car with 320bhp and all wheel drive and a six speed gearbox and a torque curve as flat as kansas should be able to outrun a 255bhp RX-7 with a really peaky motor, but it can't. Not in a straight line, not in the curves... not at all.

And, the styling pisses me off- it's like they started with what was a basically good shape and then just got all screwy adding slats and spoilers and those stupid bump thingies on the hood and the wing and the dopey headlights... argh.

This car is hella lame. It would only be cool if i could get one in mint condition for 4 grand and have free insurance. But they're all high mileage, riced out, and unreliable pieces of crap. So MJU.
I've decided that it is definately a cool car. Because for the soul purpose of having one I would buy one, trim it down, shave off all the electronic bullshit, equip it with 700 hp and be very happy.
Only one version of this car is cool, the Japanese version of the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4.
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 2 2004, 02:43 PM)
Only one version of this car is cool, the Japanese version of the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4.

And that's the version that you're voting on biggrin.gif
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Aug 2 2004, 02:53 PM)
And that's the version that you're voting on biggrin.gif

I also see the name Dodge Stealth in the title.
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 2 2004, 02:59 PM)
I also see the name Dodge Stealth in the title.

Dodge Stealth has TT and AWD and is only different in the name.
Mr b00st
the stealth looks better IMO...
In my opinion, this car is very underrated. It still punches to sixty in the low 5's, high 13 quarter mile and though it is a porker, it's still a great car. 4000lb's and it still pulls, you have to respect the twin turbo 3.0liter 6cyl.. Plus, tuning this car produces road hugging beasts (you gotta shave the weight and misc technology as Dakian stated) that many believe are superior to Supras. Plus, I love the styling on the 1993 and up models.
QUOTE(NorthPoint @ Aug 2 2004, 10:43 PM)
Only one version of this car is cool, the Japanese version of the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4.

Who wants to buy one? I have a '93 3000GT VR-4 for sale in Texas for $5900 smile.gif
Okay, guys... You made me go and sign up for the board and all for this silly little car from the 1990s... That's gotta speak for something on it's own, but I truly do believe that this underrated pseudo-sports car is very, very cool...

I have a justification for this, so hear me out... The car has a lot of redeeming qualities, but the one thing that redeems the car above all else is the Spyder version. I know, I know... Those of you who already thought this thing was too heavy and too slow are groaning and rolling their eyes, but KEEP READING. I'm going to use this specimen for reference, so take a look at the pics here:

Now, this isn't a "fastest car board" or a "biggest horsepower board" so just stow your complaints about performance for just a second... The Top Gear "Cool Wall" was never about the fastest quarter mile or the biggest power at all... It was about the general aura of a car. "Cool" merges public opinion, mass-appeal, charm, and innovation as well as stand-out capabilities. The fact is, the 3000GT (in VR4 form, and especially as the Spyder) qualifies in every regard.

1) Hard-top Convertible! - This was the early nineties when other sports cars were still bragging about forgotten ideas like T-tops and rag-tops, but Mitsubishi came through with a convertible that looked great as a convertible whether the top was up or down. The thing that made cars like the M-B SL and SLK so cool almost 10 years later was already here on the 3000GT!

2) True Muscle Car Styling - When Toyota, Mazda, etc. were heading towards squirty little coupes that would fill the market for the next decade, Mitsubishi went all out and took cues from true performers like the Corvette, Viper, etc. and created a shape that was long in hood and rear wheel drive with massive quad-exhaust and a low, wide profile... The car looks incredibly fast, and in stop-and-go traffic where you're rarely going to break 40mph, it doesn't much matter whether you can go 180mph...

3) Technology Bragging Rights - You have to admit, this car is absolutely packed with technology that was unheard of on cars at the time of its introduction... The 3000GT had:
  • AWD
  • Twin-Turbos
  • Huge Brakes (12.2 front, 11.6 rear)
  • 4-Wheel Steering
  • 7000rpm Redline

4) Great Numbers - On top of all this, and despite complaints about weight, the car did make 320hp, 315 lb-ft, hit 60 in 5.4 sec, and an air filter will get you into the 13s on the quarter... I know most of you are starry-eyed on the crazy numbers sportscars are getting these days, but for early 90s, those are as good as any sports car you could get...

Bottom of the line is, the car looks impressive on paper, and even better in person and on the road. It's got the same classic styling cues of a Vette or a Ferrari, and it'll turn heads with the best of them. If that doesn't make a car undeniably cool, than I don't know what would. So give this maligned car another chance. Vote the 3000GT cool!
^315 BHP from factory? I thought Japan had a voluentary 276BHP celing at that time...not broken until the Infinity Q45 Sedan debued in the early years of this century.

I would do some fact checking.

although...aloy of cars apperntly made more power than advertised...and some cars could have their boost safely turned up after leaving the factory...
I have to admit the Spyder is pretty damned sexy, but a friend of mine has a Stealth, and it looks great inside and out. It has timeless styling, and isn't THAT slow. Admitedly all the weight does make the handling feel heavy (I drove it back to back with my del Slo) but it still looks cool as hell. So I'll give it a cool...
Well, here's for the fact checking... Take a look at the far column for the output of the 1998 VR-4 model...

As for the Stealth someone mentioned... They're mechanically the same car (much along the lines of the Eclipse/Laser/Talon DSM combo). Do you really think the Stealth (especially with it's puny wing on back) looks better than the 3000GT variant?
QUOTE(OrwellianChild @ Apr 2 2006, 02:26 AM) *
Do you really think the Stealth (especially with it's puny wing on back) looks better than the 3000GT variant?

Do you really think that people (especially regarding how a car looks) should have the same opinions as you?
I like how this guy joined DS just to tell everyone how cool the 3000GT is...
what i still dont understand is that, this car was released at the time the japanese took over the car world
skyline,supra,rx7 & nsx all got praised for their performance, so where did mitsubishi go so horridly wrong?

i wonder... huh.gif
Performance Imagery
Thread Necromancy I know.

The 3000GT has always been a love it or hate it kind of car. As with all first run cars, the 91-94 VR4s had some issues. Most, if not all of these were addressed with the '95+ models. The car's weight came down to a more reasonable 3600-3700lbs, the power went up to 320awhp and 315trq (the 91-93 was rated at 300awhp). Gone was the active exhaust. It kept the 4 wheel steering, AWD and active aero. It also received 18" chrome rims and sunroof as standard (back in '95!!). Digital climate control and 6 way leather seats. The 1/4 mile time from R/T and C/D was 13.5 and the 0-60 was 5.4sec. Top speed was a nice 168 mph.

In stock trim the Supra, VR4, 300Z and RX-7 all put down roughly the same performance numbers. If you stop and think about it, that is pretty impressive considering all the extra things the VR4 had (including weight) Also keep in mind that was putting roughly the same amount of power down to the ground as the other cars... but it was doing it to all four wheels. This means it was making more power at the crank then the rest.

what i still dont understand is that, this car was released at the time the japanese took over the car world
skyline,supra,rx7 & nsx all got praised for their performance, so where did mitsubishi go so horridly wrong?

They did not go horridly wrong, the media did. Mitsubishi set out to make a Grand Touring car (3000GT) and the did just that. Large, powerful, lots of amenities and classic sports car styling.

Yes, the VR4 is a cool car.
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