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Full Version: Ford RS200
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Ford RS200

Top Cool in my opinion

1.8L Turbo


2600lbs, Mid Engined 4WD

Uber fucking cool.
looks like a lot of fun and it sure sounds like it too

styling is a little quirky but its still nice, Cool
I'll definitely agree this is's quirky; it has a mystique about it. It's the kind of odd little car that the average person will see on the street and be completely unable to identify it. Performance is nothing to sneeze at, either.
White RSX
You can edit your own polls 5liter, but I did it for you.
I said cool. I don't know what it is, but it's just cool.
umop apisdn
While the RS200 is awesome, needs moar Group B spec.
QUOTE(White RSX @ Aug 2 2004, 08:40 AM)
You can edit your own polls 5liter, but I did it for you.

when i edit my first post, none of the poll info comes up!

and, thank you
This is an extremely cool car, but the evolution version is even cooler.

You know Clarkson broke one RS200? tongue.gif
you can take this thing upto 800 bhp !!!!!!

You could do time travel with this car. super cool
Mr b00st
mmm... autozam. YES.

The RS200 is very cool but according to one Sierra and Escort RS Cossie owner, it's not all that impressive in street trim... he sold his RS200 for a Sierra RS500.
the only downside in my opinion to owning (and driving) a car like this, is trying to get parts if you break something. Im sure you might be able to find them, but they'll cost you.
Mr b00st
what happened to your post, dude?
i have no clue huh.gif
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