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Full Version: Shelby Cobra 427
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Uncool, it's been tainted by having way too many replicas driving around. And who drive the replicas? 50+ year old men, that's who...lame.
Mid-life crisis kit car. There are not enough real ones around. Uncool.
Its soo cool that people are trying desperately to immitate it !!!! and its a shame on the immitaters but that doesnt take anything away from this beauty :heart:
you guys are voting on the real car, not the kit car!

how can it not be cool. this is Ice cold. Its a fucking BIG BLOCK FORD in a small car.
I want my spanking. tongue.gif
who the fuck voted "As uncool as the people voting this"

i want to know reasons why
Not me.
I voted "Liquid Helium." thumbs_up.gif
its a 427 cobra, 'nuff said
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