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Full Version: 73 Brewster Green Trans Am
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This car is mostly original. One of 1,420 4-speed equipped cars.

Built the second week of January 1973.

Original numbers-matching 455 cubic inch engine and Muncie M-22 close ratio 4-speed manual transmission, factory Hurst shifter and Safe-T-Trak 3.42:1 ratio posi-traction rear end. The engine has been modified with a high-performance cam, roller rockers and the 4X heads were replaced with later 6X 400 heads. The shaker scoop has been opened. The wheels are the original Rally II wheels.

The seats have been recovered and the carpet replaced; otherwise the standard interior is 100% original.

Pontiac Historic Services documentation shows this car was ordered with no options except the U69 AM-FM radio, WS4 Trans Am package and VJ9 California test. No air conditioning, console, power windows, power door locks or rear window defogger.

The car was shipped January 12, 1973 to Gafford Pontiac GMC Trucks at 7601 Alvarado Road in La Mesa, California. The MSRP was $4545.75 with an as-delivered invoice price of $3821.27.
Do you have any more pics? It's gonna be pre-bumped up to cool just for the poll choices cool.gif.
One of the last great muscle cars, immaculately maintained.
BBC V8 + Rockcrusher M-22 = wub.gif
QUOTE(Dylan @ Jul 29 2004, 10:54 PM)
Do you have any more pics?

sad.gif Nope. All the other pics of his car are dead links. sad.gif
This IS a stunning example of a stunning car, and I'm not really into muscle cars that much. The fact that it's owned by one of our very own clinches it...the nipplachia mountains for me! tongue.gif
Oh, I'll give it a cool, even though I don't like muscle cars, but I respect how well it's maintained.
6.6 litre if i'm not mistaken.
QUOTE(PowerByBrower @ Jul 29 2004, 07:52 PM)
The MSRP was $4545.75 with an as-delivered invoice price of $3821.27.[/i]

its sickening seeing how much pristine muscle cars like this are worth today and then seeing the original msrp tongue.gif

anyway, its a beautiful car and its a monster

its a bit nippley in here cool.gif

More pics of the car

QUOTE(PowerByBrower @ Jul 29 2004, 08:54 PM)
BBC V8 + Rockcrusher M-22 = wub.gif

BBC = Big block Chevy? huh.gif Don't you mean BBP?

QUOTE(nismo34639 @ Jul 29 2004, 11:48 PM)
6.6 litre if i'm not mistaken.

6.6L ~ 400 cu in.
7.5L ~ 455 cu in.

Love the car and the color.
Thanks to all! I obviously think it's pretty cool. By the way, there is no such thing at a "Big Block Pontiac". All the Pontiac V8 engines from the 265 to the 455 use essentially the same block. There are obviously internal differences but the exterior is basically the same dimensions.
it was an honor to be the 20th voter.

can someone move this to the freezing folder. I dont know how sad.gif
fiber optic
Whoever voted uncool and RJ uncool needs a boot in the nuts, which I will gladly administer free of charge.
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