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Full Version: TVR Griffith
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Mr b00st
Ahh, the Griffith- the car that modernized TVR and saved them from oblivion in the early ninties. Cars really dont' get much more better looking than this here! Under the hood was the classic Rover V8 in various states of tune, culminating in the 340bhp Griffith 500 of 1999. The car weighed so little than even the base 4.3L motors were capable of sub five second 0-60 runs.

And then there's that bespoke interior, and... Well, friggin' look at it!

TVRs never did a whole lot for me...this one in particular. Exhaust noise be damned, this is an uncool car.
its cool, nothing too special
Just cool.
I vote coo'. I don't really like the front, but it looks really nice everywhere else, and it's a TVR!
White RSX
Ice cold, best sounding car on Earth, if there's one that sounds better, its made by TVR anyhow so it doesn't matter.

I absolutly love TVR's designs(iffy on the wedge) and this is just another example.
Its a TVR so its Ice Cold, but unfortunately it reminds me of a Miata so it gets reduced to cool status.
It's not brutal enough to be seen as a cool TVR

EDIT: But all TVR are very cool, so despite not being a cool TVR it's a cool car. Not just ice cold.
White RSX
QUOTE(LoudPipe @ Jul 30 2004, 06:43 AM)
It's not brutal enough to be seen as a cool TVR

Thats actually a really good point..
I never liked old TVR's but it's still a TVR so it's cool
Only cool, The taillights are WAY too big.
Mr b00st
i like it better than some of the modern TVR's like the Sagaris... looks like it was styled with a pickaxe bleh.gif
i think its cool. the performance is really good, and it looks good.
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