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Full Version: Land Rover Defender 90
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A 4x4 without all those unnecessary creature comforts. This off-roader is definitely ice cold.

Good at what it does. But not exactly cool. Time to bring out the MJ
Uncool for most purposes in the US, but great for mountains, mud roads, and rocky terrain.
Extremely cool!
Mr b00st
straight out of the freezer.
its uncool only because the Wrangler is cooler and cheaper.
Offroaders can't be cool, because they are one of the groups of people who get in my way on twisty mountain roads and won't let me by.
Sub-Zero. Why? This is one of those vehicles which has had a huge impact in the world. I doubt most people in N.America will have a clue as to what this vehicle is about and what it can do. This is truly one of the great 4x4s, right up there with the classic Toyota Landcruiser. The only two 4x4s that will EVER be cool (or better!)...
Cool, like the commercial says "before SUV's became a fad, there was Land Rover"
huge colin
It's cool. The styling is awesome, but the the capabilities aren't really needed much of the time.
QUOTE(huge colin @ Aug 1 2004, 02:25 PM)
Eh... A Wrangler isn't exactly in the same class. The Defender will split mountains in twain with its toughness.


A Wrangler Rubicon can do anything the Defender can do. tongue.gif
White RSX
I'm going to go with Hammond, its a great truck, it's versitile, big, and powerful, but on the cool wall, its way up there, why? No matter what it does, it's important.

Brutish good looks aid it too.
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