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Full Version: Porsche 959
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2.9 Liter twin turbo WATERCOOLED engine with AWD and 450 hp gave us our first Porsche supercar and made it an absolute collector's item to be had. The car was supremely technologically advanced for its age but was it cool? Is it cool now? Its a timeless piece but its so NERDY. I mean BILL GATES OWNS ONE and fought for a good many years to drive it here. NEEEEERD.
I say sub zero. I love the styling, it's fast and watercooled.
It's a technological tour de force, but it is very nerdy...near-Skyline levels of technology. Fortunately, if you didn't want as much tech crap, the 959 S was available, and that car was not only sexy, but a boatload of fun to drive. The 959 is a decidedly cool car, but I must hold off on the Ice Cold moniker.
Mr b00st
it's cool. not ice cold- the shape isn't really that pleasing, looks like a messd up 911.
It's ice cold because it will blow the shit outta most anything, its highly sophisticated and virtually unkown as supercars go.
frigid, while extrememly expensive, it is great to look at and a great example of fine engineering
I think it came with a matching Pocket-Protector.
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Jul 29 2004, 04:48 AM)

The heads are watercoolde, the block is aircooled smile.gif
i voted cool
Black RSX
This car is the definition of Sub Zero..

One of the all time greats.. thumbs_up.gif
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