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Full Version: Volvo 850R and 850T-5R
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Mr b00st

it may be swedish, but give it a piece of good road and it won't flop like a fish! 240bhp (T-5R) and 250bhp (850) means this Volvo moves out. the T-5R wagon does 153mph. Enough said.

This is ice cold, bitches. And you know it.
I'm a fan of sleepers, and that describes fast Volvos, but they're also...Volvos. They're fun, but "safe, sterile fun". The 850 cars were also FWD and not that powerful.

For what they are, I guess I'll have to say cool, but they're not very exciting in the process.
Mr b00st
850 Turbos were hampered by traction limitations for acceleration. I'd say that's powerful.
Fast Volvos are cool but not Uber cool.
Mr b00st
whoa, dakian and i share tastes on something? What is the world coming to?
Its not that unusual boost geeze. I'm sure there's a lot of cars that we both like.
i dunno.. just the THOUGHT of some soccer mom loaded up with groceries passing by me at lightspeed is just sooo .. UNCOOL!
wait are u talkin about the B5254 or the B5234
oh my god, nismo, READ THE FUCKING THREAD.

volvos are ok so ill list them as cool.
Mr b00st
both dude.
i've got a soft spot for powerful good looking wagons wink.gif Cool

and the sedan looks great as well
These should be separate. T5-R is freezing but R is just cool
are the wagons available with a manual transmission?

i'm waiting to vote for when i get the answer
Both wagons and sedans are available in manual, but generally speaking not many (if any) manuals have made it over to the US. In europe we got like 50% of them as manuals.

Like mine for example biggrin.gif

Its a green one though, not a cream yellow...but for daily driving i figured this was a better colour. Not like i had much choice however, they are extremely hard to find, especially the sedans. Wagons are more plentiful.

IMHO the T-5R is the coolest car Volvo ever made...the 850R is slightly below it (also has softer suspension) but the R manual does have a slightly bigger turbo, and 250 BHP all the time instead of the 225 + 30s 240 bhp overboost of the T-5R.

I plan to modify mine up to around 300 BHP in the future...and i'll be driving it over the Nürburgring this weekend smile.gif

very cool car (but hey i'm biased)
Mr b00st
if you don't post pictures RIGHT now, you're dead. Like, more than dead. Super-dead. Ultra uber-dead. Unbelievably incredibly dead.
QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Jul 29 2004, 01:57 PM)
if you don't post pictures RIGHT now, you're dead. Like, more than dead. Super-dead. Ultra uber-dead. Unbelievably incredibly dead.

already did, they're in the link laugh.gif
Mr b00st
your R... is... oh great now i've made a mess.

engine and interior shots? More shots? Wheel shots? ARRRGH your car is the SHIT!
How about shots of my car today @ the Nürburgring Nordschleife?

i also went in a 1100 Kg 850 T-5 with race suspension pushing 1.7 Bar of boost and 380+ HP.... in-sane.
Mr b00st
that'll do.

yeah... you have my favorite member car, i must say. For a volvo dork smile.gif

my 850 hardly holds a candle.
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