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Full Version: MB C55 AMG
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Mercedes with a big engine is still a mercedes. Uncool.
They make a C55? Again, cool because of the performance, minus for the bland styling.
Uncool...if it was a stick it'd be cool.
Mr b00st
uncool. With the loss of the supercharged V6 the C AMG has lost all the uniqueness appeal, and has hardly gained any performance advantage. Who'd get this over an S4?

That's right, no one. Just like the C32.
it gets a better rating because it has more power but its an auto and has blandish styling

its fast, but it has so many unnecessary electronic sub-systems in it to basically drive the car for you.
Black RSX
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Jul 28 2004, 08:08 PM)
Uncool...if it was a stick it'd be cool.

Yeah.. what he said..
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