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Full Version: BMW 3.0 CSL
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Never was a huge fan of the 6-series styling...and the CSL was pretty garish. Perhaps cool in its day, but I don't think time has been kind to it...uncool for me.
Just cool.
uncool, it had good intentions but its rather ugly
is it fast?

sorry i haven't memorized specs for every car ever created.

let me know some stuff about it. We all know i'm not going to do the research myself tongue.gif
It's very fast for it's day. 6.9 seconds 0-62, tops out at 136mph. 215hp, but that's good old raw power. Excellent handling. You could also get the car with an aero kit. Less than 600 ever made

I look at the 6 series as the 8 series of its day. I put cool.
That's not 6-series. That's E9. 6-series is E24
uncool thumbs_down.gif
thumbs_up.gif I :heart: 1970-1980s BMWs smile.gif
fiber optic
9/9 Cool/Uncool does that mean it goes back into the un-categorized section?
QUOTE(fiber optic @ Aug 8 2004, 06:59 AM)
9/9 Cool/Uncool does that mean it goes back into the un-categorized section?

Normally I just leave them sit and wait for another tie-breaking vote, but this one I moved because I couldn't reply to your post in the "uncool" subforum...permissions need to be fixed dry.gif
It's just cool.
Mr b00st
it's not exactly elegant.

I'd prefer a 635CSi please.
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