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Full Version: Tuscan TVR
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Might not be the fastest car in the world but if I could choose any car to own, it would be a TVR Tuscan baby!

P.S. Hope you like the pics because it took me about a solid week of searching before I could find good ones. The posted pics are some of the best.
I've always thought the Tuscan was atrociously ugly...but I stand by the ideal that ugly != uncool necessarily, so with much respect for the TVR performance philosophy, I deem this car "cool" tongue.gif
Looks like hot sex, has an inline 6, proper racing engine, the sound alone could make people orgasm and its a bargain for the performance. Ice Cold
White RSX
Its a TVR, that alone says it sounds amazing, frightens even experienced drivers with its power, and goes like stink.
Because I love this car so much, I'll post 2 more pictures from my "vault"

Once again, I would like to introduce you to "hot sex"

White RSX
No introduction for me, I've been following the car since its introduction :heart:
it deserves it's Ice cold status
I've been looking at this TVR since it first came out and I still can't believe how cool it is.

If this car asked me to kill someone.... I would.

I'm serious.
Cooler than absolute zero thumbs_up.gif thumbs_up.gif
TVR are getting boring for me now so uncool
The car is telling me to....... Kill...... dukenukem....
Mr b00st
ice cold, bitches. The only TVR that isn't ice cold (but still cool) is the Typhon. It's going in the wrong direction, sequential transmission? traction control? supercharger? What is it, a goddamn Mercedes?
i can't vote ICE cold cuz the styling is just too love it or hate it.
thumbs_up.gif cool by me
fiber optic
So cold I'm replacing my refridgerator with one.
only needs two more votes!
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