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Full Version: VW GTI Mk4 ('cept R32)
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Well, it should be pretty obvious that I love the 4th generation GTI, and here's why:

Styling - People don't tend to think "style" and "Golf hatchback" in the same sentence, but look at the GTI closely and you realize that there is not one single line out of place...the styling is FLAWLESS. Every last detail seems to have a styling elements get lost in the shuffle, none overpower parts of the car. The way the light reflects around the body's curves makes Bangle look even stupider for designing flame surfacing...the Golf/GTI proves you don't need any of that gimmicky shit to do cool reflections.

Performance - The later ('02+) AWP-code 1.8Ts are pretty legendary, and for good reason. Not only is their stock power and performance respectable, they have massive modding potential. The Mk4 GTI's aftermarket is arguably one of the largest for any car ever made, and unlike the ricer aftermarket, the vast majority of GTI A/M offerings are quite tasteful and utilitarian. Even stock, the GTI will run 1/4s in the low 15s all day, and with a good enough driver and proper conditions, stock 1.8Ts have broken into the high 14s many times. The skidpad grip is a respectable 0.86g even on the OEM all-seasons, and it's higher for 337s and 20th anniversary editions. Handling is sharp, with some understeer at the limit, but keep it at 7/10ths or so and the GTI just gobbles up road at a fantastic rate.

The intangibles - Fortunately, the VW GTI has never really fallen into the 2F2F crowd too much. Additionally, the GTI's (practical) hatchback design has always taken away the poser aspect...GTI drivers tend to be the genuine enthusiast article. It's notable that, in a country where 90% of the cars sold are automatics (roughly), that some 80+% of GTIs are sold in the 3-pedal arrangement. In fact, of all the GTI trim levels available in the United States (1.8Ts, VR6s, 337s, 20th AEs, R32s), only one can even be had with an auto.

So that's my argument why the GTI is a cool or ice cold car...personally, I'm favoring the latter as I own one wink.gif
I'd have to say cool because of the fact that it doesn't look perfect stock. Un-modded, you have to get the perfect angle, because the ride height is unappealing. But don't get me wrong, I love this car.
In the US of A though the Volkswagen has become such a trendy brand with highschool and college age students and I just don't like it. I mean im not saying that its a BAD car but there are plenty of thing that I would rather get for the money. If you're OCD though and you love having plush interiors GET THIS CAR. One of the nicest interior I have EVER seen in my life.

I gotta vote Uncool though. Suspension is disappointing and the engine isn't thrilling enough for me to remember it.
i vote cool

Stock, its nothing that special (but nothng really is under 20k) but it has potential, both styling and performance, from the aftermarket.
I thought it was cool untill I drove one. Then it became ice cool.
White RSX
It appears timid from some angles, and just is far too popular and 'Trendy' as Dakian put it, strange quirks can balance it out, and well, the final verdict is cool if modified, uncool as a stocker.
It's slow and weak. Looks are OK. If it looked worse it would be Jackson, but now I have to vote uncool
QUOTE(LoudPipe @ Jul 28 2004, 01:14 PM)
It's slow and weak. Looks are OK. If it looked worse it would be Jackson, but now I have to vote uncool

you must be thinking of the euro-spec GTI, the US-spec version gets the 180 HP turbo standard...hardly "weak", especially for the price point. Whatever...
Yeah, I'm thinking 150hp. 180 would have made it just brak the cool barrier... oh well, the vote's gone...
Sorry, only cool because i want one and can't find one used for under $13k lol
But I do love the car. The styling is beautiful. The performance is great, even in stock form, the interior is great also. Unfortunately I've never driven one. They're more rare here than MR2's!
Mr b00st
cool but not ice cold- when it comes to hatches that title is reserved for a select few

-Clio 182
-Focus ST170
-Clio Williams
-306 GTi-6
-Mk II Golf 16v
-Golf R32
and of course the Clio V6.

Cooper S is almost frigid.
cool, its got some zip and good looks, not quite spectacular enough for ice cold however
GTis rule, awesome interiors ive got a mk3 gti
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