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Full Version: Honda Civic sedan
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Seriously though, I think it's a good car because of the price and because it's Japenesi, it's most likely reliable, and I like the new-ish styling, but if you were seen driving one, you would probobly look uncool. It also has major rice potential which is thumbs_down.gif . My verdict is "uncool". It has more cons than pros in my mind.

Only cool when it is a V-Tec
I'm whipping out the "MJU" on this one, although it's a borderline decision between that and Uncool. The Civic is gutless and expensive, and comes with an odd specification list. Handling is competent but not amazing, styling it boring (but not ugly), but the main fact of the matter is that Hondas (Civics especially) are either driven by extremely boring people or ricers, 9 times out of 10.
Its nowhere near as cool as the older civics were and or are.
Uncool. When we were shopping for my sister, we test drove one. It was the slowest car we've ever driven. My old 5-speed Mercury Tracer Wagon would rape it. The dealer offered us a deal, we didn't offer them. They said we could have it for $13,200 and they would pay $4500 for my sisters car. We said no.

Lame car, bandwagon car.
White RSX
UNCOOOOOL DS_Evil.gif now as a cheap econocar that gets a million mpg (more like 30 i think) then its cool
Why do these wheels looke like cardboard cuttouts?

cuz they are
Its a better car than almost all its rivals.... and dont even bother comparing reliablility and value for money.
BLacK FirE
MJ Uncool because its a sedan. Civic sedans are hidious, and don't get me started on integra sedans.
Mr b00st
uncool. Also a horrible deal now that the 3's out.
I guess it has its purposes, but I vote uncool.
MJU, lacks power, lacks looks, way too many people have them, its utterly boring
Black RSX
QUOTE(FaLLoN @ Jul 29 2004, 12:52 AM)
MJU, lacks power, lacks looks, way too many people have them, its utterly boring

I agree for the most part... but I think it looks a lot better than a Focus... or anything else in that Price range for a car like this..

It is just eh.... but it gets the job done very well.
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